the end is here

well folks, this is it. the day it all ends. the end of an era. the passing of the baton. the day for new beginnings... 
 (oh come on, i couldn't resist being a little over dramatic about the whole thing.)



Actually it is a bit of an exciting start for me. I am officially jumping into my very own solo little business after crafting with my dear Theresa over at Doormouse for many fun years. 

marizy doats will be making its debut tonight at Last Thursday in the Albert Arts District. If you are in the Portland area, come by. :) I'll be right in front of Townsends Tea shop. This was a last-minute opportunity and i decided to go for it even though i don't feel quite ready.

but you know, sometimes i never feel ready. sometimes i just have to go and try. this is good for me, the consummate perfectionist. ;)

little felted animal pincushions? check. loads of pretty and random earrings and necklaces? check. pretty display items? check. makshift business cards? check check

Also, my friend Guadalupe will be there with me, one table over. She is a silversmith and designs and creates beautiful jewelry with lost wax cast silver designs and amazing natural stones and gems.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

So there it is, my brand new place to ramble and post profuse amounts of pretty and/or cute images. Please change your links, as after today, i will no longer be posting here at somebody's little weasel. 

It's been a long go of it but i am glad to moving on to a fresh page. The past couple years have been full of so many good clean starts and this one feel like it's been too long coming. 

This blog has been a place for me to rant, think out loud, ponder, have fun, post all the random silliness, a way to process all the things in my head, and share the things in my life. 

There is a lot of posts here that have hard memories tied to them, many with good memories too. But for now i feel like it's time to put them away and let them gather some dust. It's time for them to go up in the attic in a cigar box and be memories. It's time for moving forward and being new. 

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