a project i'm working on will entail trying my hand at naturally dying silk and sewing notions so i've been scouring for good info. all of which, so far, has been daunting. lots of pessimistic, not encouraging info, lots of this-will-be-really-hard-and-unsuccessful type advice. I was just about to give up when my friend sent me this link...(you MUST click all these links, you will not regret it)

these are the kinds of colors i get swoony over

so excited to start collecting

I'd been looking at this book (and now this, this and this as well) and am on the waiting list for them at the library. I can't wait for them all to come in!


  1. oh my, well thank you first for all the love, that kind of made my day !!
    I don't know which sites discouraged you but that is not very smart of them. I will never praise natural dyeing enough ! Our planet needs us to be more & more gentle, not the contrary !
    Secondly, you have to know that my approach is not all dyers' though, I have never dyed from extracts, and dye with species that grow locally, abundantly & that are not endangered. ( even though I never pick really *lots* of them)
    And lastly, once you get started, it's hard to stop, specially if you enjoy experimenting. And the more you dye, the more you learn some trick.

  2. I know! some of the standard dyes are terrible. I think most of the sites i looked at were from a more traditional "vibrant color and always the exact same results is the only way" sort of mind set and since natural dye is neither of those things, they discouraged it. I love the idea of only taking a bit of what you can find and doing what is in season too. falls in line with the way my husband and i try to buy groceries too. Thanks for all the encouragement! ;)



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