spring fever

this weekend was pretty glorious around here; sunny, a tiny bit warm, quiet, dramatic clouds and hail storms... perfectly wonderful Trina weather. I've spent the past week or so in a Spring cleaning and purging frenzy and the sun we're had in spurts was just the thing to keep me in high spirits and motivated.

Cleaned out the terrible no good very full spare room and turning it into... Ta-Da! A craft room. Yippee! oooo the creative things are flinging around in my brain! Pictures soon.

Other things I'm excited about right now...

rearranging the living room to include an actual dining room table so i can have BIG LOVELY PARTIES AGAIN! :) My annual birthday feast might be revived!

We're thinking one of these:

at first i was swayed by the cheaper price tag and the flexibility of 6-10 seating of the first table but then realized that the other is solid wood and not plywood with birch vaneer so we're thinking we might go with the 2nd choice if it will fit well enough.

I have been silly infatuated with this sideboard since it came out a couple years ago. Soooooooooo excited to get it! I know exactly what i'll put in the drawers and on the shelves... whee!

and added to our ever growing coffee and tea cupboard is our beautiful Chemex from our favorite coffee roaster, Coava. after having a few pots using the traditional paper filters (which is still gorgeous coffee) i can say that i'm excited to get one of their cone filters someday. apparently the metal cone filter lets the oils and deep flavors through much like a press pot would (which has been out preferred brewing method) but without the sludge and acidic bitter flavors that accompany it.

well, enough coffee geekery and rambling on for the evening.

I'll leave you with an amazing picture of my little sister and one of her BFF (can't believe i just typed that)

my gorgeous little sister

and her equally beautiful bff

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