A new arrangement

Today is one of the first days it's actually felt like spring around here. Sunny for a bit, suddenly rainy for a minute or two, then sun and blue sky filled with puffy white clouds again. Good mfor my soul! I am listening to our entire music collection on random and being delighted by the complete random: Him, Bavarija, Robbie Williams, Switchfoot, Vivaldi, Bach, Elgar, The Beatles, Regina Spector, Imogen Heap, Edith Piaf, Kent, Deerhoof, Yuki, Boswell Sisters...

I have spent my entire day (in between sneezes thanks to my spring cold) spring cleaning my blog, not by choice mind you. If you venture back into my blog archives you may notice that the images have all disappeared and been replaced by tiny blue question mark boxes...

Yeah, i'm a dunce and in my purging and cleaning spree i decided to switch out all my google account stuff and start fresh. I thought I had swapped everything over to my new address so I canceled my old google account... then i discovered the question marks... i forgot to move my picassa photos. Bluh. So most of the archived posts are empty of images and that is how they will just have to stay.

So as not to leave my blog a total mess, on to the fun stuff. we have rearranged things... again! total shock isn't it?!? (i'm sure you are rolling your eyes at the non surprise of this occurrence) ;D How about a little home tour???

this space is pretty much the same. i looooove my branch

Behind the Couch
and my shelf behind the couch

Kitty Pile
finally passed along the college-apartment-staple-nest-chair to my soon to be college bound little sister

and got a nice fluffy comfy real chair (thanks to dave's parents who are moving and purging. also i really need to put that cover on correctly) ;)

Have a dahlia, peach :)
the kitchen table has been moved...

over here (as well as moving the bookcase and record player over),

and these have taken it's place.

Living Room
here's the old setup (sneaky bike storage)

new old rocking chair and trunk (which is hiding a torn apart bike dave is working on and all our board games).

bedroom is mostly like this

with the girly area moved here. who am i kidding, the whole room is a girly area. good thing Dave doesn't mind too much. ;)

My own closet
i suppose he can't complain too much. we did buy him his own wardrobe...

wall o' scarves

perfect little shot of the bedside table

New bathroom shelf
some bathroom details

love my shower curtain my sweet mother in law made me

Morning Ritual
i do need to put up some pictures in here, the walls feel a bit bare but i love the vintage sink and floor

There will be a bit of tweaking here and there, i'm always tinkering. I have some more things i need to get framed and put up on the wall, curtains need to be finally put up,

and another one of these to replace the round table

we got one for my craft room (a whole separate tour coming on that soon) and to save space we're just going to get a second for everyday use so we can set them up end to end for dinner parties and the like. :)

so there is a little tour of our place. :)


  1. Absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Thanks! i love our place. it's the sweetest little 1920's stucco apartment. We've never felt more at home in a place and it's been fun to decorate it. :)

  3. It looks so good! You have inspired me to hang some things I've been wanting to put up for a long time...

  4. your place looks great! and i LOVE your "girly area" :)
    i will have to check out some of that music - haven't heard of most of it and i've been craving something new to listen to.
    hope you're feeling better :)

  5. thanks, i am much better. dave and i are music junkies, so if you ever need some more suggestions... most of what i listed up there isn't even the really good stuff, just the weird random assortment that happened to come up while i was writing. :D



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