Deep Breath... and go

Wow so many things...


December, in between frantic crafting of gifts and parties and general holiday madness, I got to the happy owner of a nasty bad bacterial infection in my inner ear! Yipee!

This entailed several days of me being so dizzy i couldn't walk with out Dave holding me up. Truly terrible. In all I was on antibiotics for most of December and the first week of January, successfully poopooing all new years eve plans with my little sister and her best friend. (we'll make it up to you girls!)

the lame new years eve party of sickness

me and carmen wrapped in blankets. :)

But things have gone up from there. (go go 2011!) My family came up for a belated Christmas dinner and Birthday combined (my mom and Little Grandma both have birthdays in the beginning of January) and it was so much fun.

la familia
Ant Pat (spelled like this every since i was little), Little Grandma, me, and Mom

My annual (heck monthly?) house purging new years fest has begun and it's feeling so good to get things organized and cleared out and simplified. Kitchen cupboards cleaned out, things given away, space reorganized.

New bathroom shelf
brand new bathroom shelf!

Next spaces to be terrorized by my alter ego The Purger... the bedroom and spare room (also know as spar-oom, guest room, craft room, office). Started in on the spare room this past weekend and pictures will follow.

Spare room/craft room/office will be especially exciting as this will be come the new center of my life as i have.....

quit. my. job.

Eeeep!!!!! No no, it's really a good thing and everyone at work has been so incredibly supportive and excited for me. I can't tell you how hard it's going to be to not see my co workers so regularly, they are amazing and it really has been the most amazing 3+ years there. But my heart is yearning and pushing me to try out some long neglected dreams so I'm jumping in.

I had mentioned a post or two ago that i was hoping to attend a local small cooking program. It seems for now that door is closed. But what has opened up is the opportunity to do an internship at our favorite right around the block Tea Shop, The Jasmine Pearl.

beautiful teas

inside the shop

It's become part of our saturday morning routine to go by their tasting room (which is just a few blocks from our place!) and in the process we've become friends with the owners. they are the sweetest couple and so much fun! I'm really really really looking forward to getting to know them better and become their sponge of a student over the coming months. :)

Bertie and Bea outside the shop

I'll also be getting serious about crafting and creative interests to try and supplement some lost income via my etsy shop. I'll be sure to post here when things start happening there.

some projects underway

So lots of changes and I am over the moon about them all.

p.s. all the wonderful pictures were taken by my wonderful husband


  1. Awesome! Way to go Trina! It takes alot of courage to pursue your dreams like that! Congrats! :) Tammy and I are cheering for you! :)

  2. Woo hoo! So excited for you! Love you bunches!

  3. oh my! congrats on the new job and crafty adventures! (heck, even on the house purging too :)

  4. Anonymous11:03 AM

    Thanks so much all of you! Knowing i have support makes this all less scary. :)



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