baby steps in nice shoes

1 school loan applied for... it's a start

in other news, we realized that our debit card has been earning us "rewards points" every time we have used it the entire 3 years we've had our account open. we never remember to use cash so we always use our debit card. with the points we were able to "purchase" these lovelies for dave using only our points on their little rewards site, at what i gather is quite a discount. he's so excited. :) we even had enough points left over to get a $25 Macy's gift card.

new shoes

I like shopping when it doesn't cost any money.


  1. Those oxfords are amazing! Don't you love free money? :-)

  2. yes i do! and next time we have a stupid amount of points I get to spend it! :) There was a nice basic black Kate Spade bag in there i had my eye on....

  3. Oh those are beautiful shoes!



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