What a ride

Holy cow, this has not been the most auspicious beginning to our trip. On the flight over we ended up swapping seats with a man and his little daughter so they could sit near his young son. All three of them ended up with seats apart from each other. It was really sweet that the passengers tried so hard to figure out how to get them seats together. Oh and also pretty wonderful was that most of the flight was populated by a huge group from a retirement community all going to tour amsterdam. They were kind of wonderful and i was really hoping to share our row with one of them. Dave and I ended up with a window and an aisle after all was said and done, not the best for leg room or being able to get up and stretch our legs. So we sat pretty much the whole time and slept no more than an hour.

We were quite happy to get off the plane. Then the real fun began. First we had to go get our bags and realized that no matter how tough and indestructible our vintage Samsonite luggage is, it is a bitch to haul around. Oh boy is it heavy and hard on your hands! We got our luggage then had to try and figure out how to get a train ticket and where to catch the train. It may have just been the crazy jet lag we were having (I was having some vertigo issues) but we could not find the dumb train platform. We found the metro, several other train platforms, but not the one to central station. Seriously harder then it should have been. ;) took us forever, especially due to the fact that the only info desk we could find was empty. Finally we sat, ate a granola bar, apologized for being grumpy to each other, and tried again.

Ok, so we finally found the train, got on and were starting to feel a bit better about life. (it's amazing how stressed and grumpy one can get from lack of sleep) we got off at the station and then.... Could not find the metro. At all. Should have taken us about 5 minutes to walk from the train to the metro with our luggage, it took us just about 30 minutes just to find the dumb thing. Really it was kind of hilarious, us with our huge vintage luggage and wandering around terribly grumpy. We had directions mind you, they just happened to be pretty sparse and vague. Finally we found a info center (also hard to locate) and were again on our way.

K, now we're off the metro and again referring to our vague directions... We have no idea where to go. Fumble around a bit more and get on the right path. Cal our apartment guy to let him know we are on our way (we're about 30 minutes later than we said now) and keep huffing our heavy ass luggage down the street. We find the corner where the apartment should be and guess what... None of the buildings have visible street numbers that we can see. Wander wander wander... Ask a lady, who tells us the street we are looking for is back a. Couple blocks, even though we're standing right near a street sign that tells us otherwise but in the end she did realize we were already on the street and helped us find the right building.

Whew! We got in, met our host who was really nice and let us leave the bags there even though they hadn't cleaned yet from the last guests and don't normally. Check anyone in till after 4 (it was noon). We grabbed a few essentials and headed back out the door to let them clean. We wandered around oosterpark park which is right near our flat and people watched and almost fell asleep on a bench, wandered around semi lost but on purpose found a really terrific donna kabob place and ate lunch, wandered around the park some more, got rained on, and finally ended up at a little pub for an amazingly good coffee and a terribly over priced yummy bowl of leek and mushroom soup.

By the time we got back to the flat we were both about to drop. Took showers and rested a little and then wanted to go get bikes rented. Couldn't find our way to work cycles (sad!) so we opted for a shop in the old town that had been recommended to us. Made it there about 5 minutes before they closed and got our bikes. We're probably going to take them back tomorrow and swap for the next model up as the ones we got are kind of crap and have unruly coaster breaks. Got rained on again, got jet lag induced grumpies again, realized that my feet and shins were beginning to hurt so bad it was getting hard to walk, and headed home.

Completely crashed when we got there! My darling husband let me just sit as I had such soreness from the 10 straight hours of walking plus no sleep for about 40 hours at this point, and ran down the street to get us some Thai food. We ate and fell asleep almost immediately.

Oh yeah and to top it all off we also discovered yesterday that our card reader has decided not to work now that we're here. Worked in Portland, but just not in Amsterdam. So looks like there may not be any pictures till we return. :P

But not to worry, so far today has been a peach of a day and things are looking up and feeling more like a wonderful day in Europe. Slept in, had yummy breakfast and got some groceries. Our apartment is sooooooo cute. I could totally live in an apartment like this. Man I wish I could post some pictures of the place. You'll just have to look back a few posts to see the pictures from the rental site. http://afoxarose.blogspot.com/2010/05/oh-summer-adventures.html

Ok, off to explore a bit and finish up some grocery shopping (one of my favorite things to do in foreign cities is grocery shop, weird, I know) ;)

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  1. Anonymous11:21 AM

    Hi Trina!
    Stephen just informed me of your recent postings and I've enjoyed hearing of your trip. I love the way you write! It seems like you have the making of a novel here... Maybe you should put away your crafts for a while and try creating a book! ~Aunt Karen



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