So today was my shopping day! One things I can say is that am super jealous about the shopping situation compared to when we lived here. There are now 3 pretty major western Europe style shopping malls very near where we used to live and several stores carry sizes I can fit in. Marks & Spencer, Body Shop, all sorts of shoe stores... I found 2 super cute skirts on sale at the Marks & Spencer for about $35 total. The entire year I was here I think I bought 2 articles of clothing, one of which was my frumpy winter coat, and those were even iffy on the sizing. Tori, I got you a super cute pair of red flats today and a pair of red heels for me. I still have half of my (and Tori's) shoe budget left! We're meeting some old friends for lunch tomorrow and then going to search for a very large purse for me cause I need some way to carry all these shoes home. ;)

Oh, and brenna, you must come visit here. I keep seeing all sorts of things I think you would be enamored with. And funny angora harem pants. I took a picture.


  1. I can't even picture the fun things I'd be oohing over. Eee, I so look forward to your guy's image dump!

  2. I just can't stop looking at fashions here. Even in Vilnius where things are decidedly more eastern European and not high fashion, there is still so much good going on. So much variety and interesting things. Since I still have a cold we've been spending the evening in the apartment watching fashion tv too. ;)

  3. I didn't have the time there you did, but it sounds like you guys are really seeing quite the change. I look forward to hearing more when you get back :)

  4. Hey Trina! I hope you feel better soon. Where did you go shopping? You'll have to ride the trolleybusas for me! Have some crepes at the crepe store. I highly suggest some pupa chocolate too!
    Oh my heart beats with envy & emotion with you. Deep breathes like waves on the shore. Roll over me. Sink down to the bottom of the sea. I'll just be here. That song comes to my mind.
    Hug a few Lithuanians for me too!



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