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Amsterdamize + Portlandize + eva-lu

Last night we met up with Mr Marc, http://amsterdamize.com/, and the lovely Eva, http://eva-lu.com/, for drinks. So much fun to finally meet in person. Then later that night our beautiful friend Erika arrived from Madrid and the three of us made it back to the apartment with Erika riding on the back of Dave's bike. Oh how I wish I could post a picture of that!
We ended up staying up till past 3am talking and catching up. The next morning we got up, went back into the center, rented a bike for Erika, and met Marc and Eva for our big Marc guided tour of the city. so much fun!!!! We zipped around for several hours, tried some really amazing herring, saw some crazy dressed new university students running around town on the way to a huge party, stopped and the most beautiful cafe on a canal for lunch, and just generally enjoyed the BEAUTIFUL weather we had today. Sunny, puffy clouds, cool... Then Dave, Erika, and I parted ways from Marc and Eva and headed out to a huge outdoor market. From there we rode home. It's amazing how comfortable we felt riding today after following Marc around and learning the flow of traffic. We came home made some burn your face off curry and had dinner on the pretty little balcony. After dinner we went for a short ride around Ooster park, and then back down to the center and wandered around people watching and enjoying how beautiful the canals are at night.
When we got back to our flat we pulled out some sweet spanish almond candy and red wine that Erika brought and talked some more.
Today was an amazing day just enjoying company & connection with others, and riding & feeling like a tiny part of the city.
Sitting here drinking wine and feeling lovely tired and a bit sore from the day is a wonderful feeling.

For some pictures to tide you over till we can get our camera situation figured out here's Marc's flickr.


And eva's Amsterdam set

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  1. sounds like you are having an amazing time so far! great pictures - can`t wait to see some more - i like to live vicariously :)



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