home again

Amsterdam 2010
view from an Amsterdam canal

today, well this whole week for that matter, has been a quiet one. Dave is a trooper and jumped right back to work the morning after we landed. But the quick start plus jet lag has finally taken it's toll on him and he's gotten the cold I've had since the day we arrived in Vilnius.

Lithuania 2010
Vilnius view

amazing how long chest congestion can hang on. I had this week off and go back to work on monday. Ho hum, back to normal life. The after trip that-was-so-great-i-wish-life-was-like-this-all-the-time blues have set in for the both of us but we're managing it alright.

Lithuania 2010
Vilnius courtyard entry

All the digital pictures are finally off the camera and up on
Dave's Flicker. (We just dumped them all there, no matter who took them, and tried to note who took what.)


You can also read about our trip day by day over at
Portlandize. We'll keep posting till everything is told. Enjoy!

Lithuania 2010
amazing blanket in our Vilnius apartment


  1. How quaint! I'm sure I'd love it too! Glad you had a good time, despite the chest congestion.

  2. Hope you're both feeling better soon! I know what you mean - after a wonderful vacation, I always feel a little blue once I'm home and realize that I can't spend all day walking around, taking pictures, marveling at beautiful backdrops, and sipping coffees at cafes. Bummer.

    Love seeing your vacation pictures, I get to live vicariously through you a bit :) and that tiger bedspread is hilarious.


  3. Oh, these are such lovely photos! I would love to travel more!

    I just wanted to say thank you so much Trina for the amazing comment. I'm so blown away by all the love and support!! It's amazing how people I don't even know have been so kind!

    Lulu Letty



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