oh so productive

wow the summer ended up going by pleasantly fast. I was afraid it would be painfully slow waiting for the trip to come. but now it's here!

We got a lot of projects done around the apartment and it felt so good! The coat rack is finally up, and spare room is waaaaay more organized.

Coat rack

Spare room shelves!

I went through my closet and got rid of about half. Bought some things I really like and fit me, yippee! I'm already ready to go through it again and get rid of some frumpy ill fitting stuff I just haven't let go of yet.

Carol and I finally finished the harder-than-it-should-have-been tunic. No fault of the pattern, except that it doesn't go up to a large enough size for me. I should have trusted the measurements they gave but I assumed it would run big like the other Simplicity patters I have tried. :) It's super cute and now that we have the pattern fitted for me I think I'm going to need about 4 million more. I don't have a picture now but I'll be taking a picture of each outfit i wear on our trip and will post them here and on my work's facebook. So you'll see it there, along with my other new things I have been impatiently waiting all summer to wear.

We went to Brownsville and had a great visit with my Little Grandma. I love her so much! Dave, myself, and Dave's parents drove down and spent the day with her, my Ant Pat (this is how I have spelled her name since i was little) :), my mom, and sister. It was one of my most favorite days this summer.

Brownsville, OR

Brownsville, OR

We went to the beach with our friends and that also made it into my top summer days. I haven't been to the beach in far too long. I forget how emotional and therapeutic it is for my soul.

Oregon Coast

Oregon Coast

I'll be trying to post things here while we're on our trip. Oh it has been far too long since I've been overseas and my soul is pulling me along. I hope I can sleep tonight... :)

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