This weekend was beautiful in Portland. Dave and i did some gardening, some brunching, and bike riding. But i've begun to worry... this beautiful sunny, 70 degree spring weather means summer is coming. We're going to have to figure out how to mount our air conditioner in our huge wide windows and then how to get the cool air pushed into our bedroom and kitchen... Hmmm better start looking for fans!


  1. I love vintage fans. My parents had one like the 5th one down. Wish I knew if it was hiding out somewhere in the storage shed. I'd like to just put it up on my hutch downstairs.

    Enjoy your blog. I laughed at your clean house post. I was so excited about my clean craft room and it last about 15 minutes.

  2. heh, yeah today i discovered at least 3 new dust bunny colonies. they are resilient!

    Yesterday it almost hit 80F during the day and the bedroom was still too warm for us by the time we went to bed. We're doomed.



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