oh summer adventures

well, our major tickets are booked, apartment rented... just the second part of our journey to finalize.... WE"RE GOING TO EUROPE!!!!

Oh I am so excited I could just burst! We'll be visiting Amsterdam and Vilnius.

St. Johns' Church from Gediminas Castle

view from the castle hill in Vilnius

the apartment we're staying at in Amsterdam is so pretty and a great location. We're going to rent bikes and cook our own meals.

(all apartment photos from airbnb and the apartment owner. click for larger images)

we've not finalized our vilnius portion of the trip yet, but the plan will be basically the same. we'll grocery shop and cook, wander around by foot and by bike, and take ridiculous amounts of pictures. hopefully some linen and hand carved wooden spoons will be purchased

I am absolutely, heart-achingly longing to go. it's been far too long since we've been in europe. We lived in Vilnius for a short tiny year and it changed our entire life. We've been back in the states for about 6 years now and it has felt, for most of the time, off somehow.

For a long time we were desperate to move back, get out of here, we wanted to run away. we knew it wasn't a reason to make any decision that big so we stayed put.

It was hard. we've felt isolated, lonely, frustrated, misunderstood, ostracized, out of place, never belonging...

but now we feel happy, settled, hopeful, if still a little tentative. we have community and connection and family. with the recent move we feel we have a home and not just a cavernous apartment. things are growing in the ground, clutter and waste and junk are being removed, we're becoming more involved with our food and our cooking and the city around us. we feel so much more healed.

we're going for a break, for a visit, to see friends, and to see how it all feels. how would it feel to live here, how would it feel to be somewhere we are foreigners. to see if it's right for us. to try it out.

maybe it will simply be a good adventure, maybe it will be the catalyst for a new direction.

either way, i couldn't be more impatient for summer to be over so i can board my plane

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  1. wow! exciting!!! congrats :)

    we're still sort of planning our roadtrip to portland (and the rest or oregon & washington) hopefully this august... otherwise it won't be until next summer instead. (i just got a new job so not sure if i can get the time off now)



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