oh hey, the house is clean

quick! look! before the clutter and dust bunnies begin their invasion again!

old maps finally hung on the wall

new couch cover! new foam in the back pillows! soon to be newly covered throw pillows! it makes the room soooooooo much cozier! I love it!

(thank you my fairy couch mother)

this wall will be complete with some key hooks and maybe a wall vase.

my lovely shower curtain
(made by the fairy shower curtain mother who is also the fairy couch mother!)

i think this is the first time since dave and i got married almost 8 years ago that i have actually liked my bedroom decor. i actually want to spend mornings in bed reading and drinking coffee.

flowers from our morning brunch with dave's parents

we're off to ride to the store, make some dinner, maybe work on cushion covers for the couch... i love my weekends.
Hope your weekend was a lovely restful peaceful one.


  1. I LOVE your living room!!!! It's the perfect place to eat and drink things with real cream in them.

  2. Your place looks so good! I love how you've decorated it--it fits you guys perfectly. :)

  3. Anonymous1:50 PM

    :) thanks guys. I really love it too.

  4. LOVE the new couch cover!!! :)i want to visit again and just sit around. AND LOVE the room!! SO RELAXING and inviting!



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