the wonders of google reader

google reader i think is my ultimate wonderland of a time sucker. And i mean that in a really good way. :) I have far too many blogs subscribed and spend far to many hours a week reading, bookmarking, window shopping, getting inspired to do the many many great tutorials and recipes i find and then never doing them because i get sucked into reading more wonderful things.

and now you too can be in on all the fantastic things i find. :) well the ones i share anyway. google reader has a share feature that makes a nice little mish-mashed web page for you with all the things you liked enough to share. you can find mine here. expect it to be updated much more frequently than this blog is. Like several times a day even.

and this is a picture of my dream chicken, cause i had no pictures that really went with this post, i've been thinking about how much i wish we could have chickens, and this blog is pretty random and so is this chicken.

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  1. i have a love/hate relationship with google reader. i've lost count of how many fantastic blogs i subscribe too now, but i have to keep up with it on a daily basis or else i feel like i am missing out on something fabulous! when i went away last weekend i came back to over 600 unread posts and i sadly had to just click "mark all as read". it was difficult. but i managed.

    that chicken is abso-friggin-lutely adorable! if i had a dream chicken i think that would have to be it as well.



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