sunny day

My neck is feeling good after the chiropractor.
I'm finally, after almost 3 weeks, feeling not sick.
mood is up and almost chipper.
The sun is out.
It's not too hot.

must be productive....
must stop reading blogs...
cleaning really should commence.

This room has changed once again.

We have acquired a real life grown up table and chairs AND a hutch! Things are getting organized and put away. I might even pull out the sewing machine.

It's amazing how clutter stops my life and overwhelms any want of productiveness.


  1. That looks like some sort of grownup's house!!

    And clutter is a downer. I'm glad you're getting everything better arranged (and not just because I get crafty scraps!).

  2. dear the trina,

    i was reading through your past several posts (including your things to do this year list) and the 4 new to me books made me think, 'oh trina would love these books i've just read!' so i'm here to tell you that you need to go out (if you haven't already) and read everything by michael chabon that you can get your paws on. I just finished The Yiddish Policeman's Union, which was fantastic, but the book of his that I read before (Pullitzer prize winning) The Amazing Adventures of Kavelier and Clay is one of the best books I've read in years and years. It's phenomenal.

    Anyway, that's nothing to do with the dining/craft room, which looks great in its new iteration, but I just wanted to share!



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