Spring Fever and Wanderlust

It's spring and my thoughts have turned to new starts and fresh spaces. I have been stalking the apartment but still no one has listened to my chanting "move out move out move out..." and vacated one of the units yet. But I am patient, and persistent...

I guess there is always this place. I suppose it would do. Now if someone would only magically offer Dave a job here...

Restored farmhouse 45 mins from Pyrenees on 4 acres with barn. 

Sweeping views, 3km from nearest large village with shops. The house has lots of light. 

Large salon with open fireplace, fitted kitchen, dining room,(dbls as 3rd bed) new bathroom, separate toilet, 2 huge bedrooms with balcony and sun terrace.

Summer rentals and longterm. Toulouse and Pau international airports 1hr away.


  1. ooh, pretty pretty! (both places, actually)

    am i the only person who finds google maps/earth slightly creepy? like, you can move along a map, in practically 360 degrees, in real-life images?!

    (and hey, long time no post :)

  2. So lovely! It sounds so nice to just get away sometimes, doesn't it?

  3. Wow! What an absolutely lovely house. I just love homes with vines and flowers clinging to the walls....very Secret Garden-esque. Beautiful!

  4. The outside of the place is beautiful. I love vines crawling up the side.

  5. oh just move out there and go for it! That's what we did, sold our businesses, and moved to France, we struggled for a while but almost 2 years in we are v settled and OH is working and actually earning more than we did in the UK! Life is too short my luffly, grab that dream, and trust that all will be well, if you want something bad enough, it invariably always is...
    Love ur blog!
    P.S U can read about my life in France at my blog..



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