i have no creative energy today to make up a title...

so that's all you get folks. :) and a list cause that is all the brain power i seem to have today.

I got some things posted to the Doormouse shop this week as did Theresa. :)

my hair is ATROCIOUS and i get to get a cut and color next week so that will be nice

still no headway with what my crazy body has been doing to me lately but my new doctor has some ideas and that is hopeful

working on my list. I'll post some more specifics later.

I'm still feeling restless and disjointed and longing for a change, a good new clean slate, bright beginning sort of a change. Come on dream apartment, open up! :)

Had a really long involved dream last night that Dave and I came in to $980, 000. Yes exactly that amount. It's a long weird story, but involved truffles (the non chocolate fungus-y kind) and an auction. It was a strange and kind of happy dream. At the end we were coming out of the shock of so suddenly having so much money and were planning on quitting our jobs and moving to France. that would make for a really nice end to any sunday.

Tonight we're going to our favorite Mexican restaurant with Dave's parents and good friend of ours. this will also make a good end to a sunday.


  1. Love your 'dream sequence' ha ha...very strange. Thanks for letting me know about the horse project! That is so cool. Today I went to Crafty wonderland at Doug Fir. I love this city.

  2. Okay, a) your hair is awesome right now, it is wild and varied like, well like a rad comic book character. b) that pig is so cute I have died from it.

    You are an X-men member who battles bad guys with adorable felted-ness.



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