31* before my 31st

I am a firm believer in not making news years resolutions. I have never done one. Generally i just think you set yourself up for feeling like a slacker and a failure. You make the list. It's huge. Unattainable goals that you really are not motivated to do. You don't make any effort in the long run to accomplish them. Life gets in the way. Your list is so vague that you really can't pin point when you reached one...

But, lately I have been restless, overwhelmed, anxious, sad, moody, sick, tired, antsy... Life has been hard and exhausting. I have lived in one place for a long time, longer than i ever have in my life really. I am feeling the need for simplification, cleansing, change, focus...

I read this on this blog, I have seen other types of lists and purposeful projects and I want to give it a shot. I'm going to try to stay away from setting more than a couple really huge goals and stick to realistic and fun things. Something to look forward to, something fresh, something new… Hopes and aspirations rather than rules and goals. I think for me January feels more like a starting place than my birthday does. But conveniently my birthday is in June, the half way point so my first goal will be to get through half of the things on my list by June. When I get there, and if I'm feeling like this is a good thing for me, I can add things to my list, making it 32 things to aspire to before i reach my 32nd birthday. let's go, i need this

My Year of Hopes and Aspirations

the big ones

1. make and stick to a budget

2. save for a trip to Vilnius and Paris with Alina (much of the reason for the budget) :)

3. make a cleaning schedule and get into a routine with it

4. move to our dream apartment on 51st and Division

fashion purge and refinement

5. clean out my clothes so that i own no more than one laundry load each of darks, whites, colors, socks(yipes!)/delicate (ok, maybe i can have one misc load extra for good measure). :)

6. fix/modify/get rid of one clothing item from my ever growing "mending/modify" pile per week

7. purchase another pair of nice good boots and shoes I love and will wear

8. make/buy some dresses and skirts to replace old dumpy jeans :)

9. sew 5 things from my pattern drawer (including the above mentioned skirts and dresses)

10. get rid of things i don't like/wear/feel good in, no matter how much i like to think i will/should wear it. Only keep the things I truly love.

11. splurge once every couple months on an accessory from etsy

12. make/buy a good long warm coat and sell/modify my 3 vintage coats i don't wear or are falling apart or don't look good on me

home and cooking

13. work on all the unfinished, half decorated rooms (bedroom, guest room, bathroom)

begin fireplace mantle tv hider project

make couch cover and pillows for living room and reading nook

16. make pasta from scratch more often

17. buy more bulk food and less packaged food


18. ride my bike once a week, more when it’s not raining :)

19. faithfully attend yoga

20. quietly breathe and sit once a day for at least 30 min

just for fun

21. begin learning French

22. learn to crochet more than a straight line

23. get old cameras fixed/looked at, develop my pile of film and try TtV photography

24. post to etsy one item per week

25. do something intentionally creative once a month
100 ideas
learning to love you more
guerilla art
52 projects

26. spend a night or two at the kennedy school or sylvia beach hotel

27. have a fancy, I do all the cooking, mail out invitations, type dinner party

28. go roller skating and bowling at least once each

29. write and mail more letters

30. put wedding pictures in an album

31. read 4 new to me books/authors


  1. What a great list! Mine also includes a trip to Paris, and learning French. And I love the idea of writing/mailing letters - it's sad that hardly anyone does that anymore!

    Bonne Année!


  2. Those are all great things!

    But I won't let you move to 51st and Division. First of all, because we couldn't be neighbors anymore. Secondly, the street view is of a Plumbing Truck. And I just can't let you live in a Plumbing Truck.

    Other than that, I can't wait for you to start those sewing projects! Let me know if you read any good books. And you're invited to come rollerskating with me in the basement anytime you like.

    Alright, now I'm feeling inspired to start a list of my own. I'd better get to work.

    Good luck in the coming year!

  3. Oh me, oh My! That is an impressive list! You make me feel quite laxidasical!!

  4. Trina, this list rocks! I can relate to many~~sew those patterns that are hanging around collecting dust, get a nice coat that's cute, limit the amount of laundry to do (a friend has 5 outfits per kid and no more...I love that!!), only wear stuff that's cute and actually comfortable (I hate half of my clothes :), etc. I have had it on my list for a long time now that I want to have a dinner party with fancy invitations and foods--that is awesome that you want to do that too. :) We're also hoping to move to our dream location (a small farm) this year. Ok, you have me inspired to make a list like this! :)

  5. Okay, I am fully inspired, in a non overwhelming way! You make it all make sense in the resolutions forefront.. With more time than a year, to boot, if one so chooses ;)


  6. We share a few aspirations for the year. Buying more dresses, mailing more letters...you'll love learning French. I learned it as an undergrad. You'll be excited when you begin to understand France Gall songs and other yeye musicians. :)

  7. Hi Trina..I just found your blog via Vanessa's A Fanciful Twist. I just moved t oPortland a couple months ago!

  8. Allie4:09 PM

    I too, love that apartment building! With the chickens I must have a yard, but driving past that building makes me dream of a warm ocean-side locale.

  9. Anonymous7:13 PM

    oh that is one of the few things that tempts Dave and I to even consider a house, chickens. I would loooooove to have chickens.



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