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Once upon a time i was tagged... I'm slow :)

Presenting: Some Random Things About Me... (many are recycled from earlier posts, but eh, you don't mind right?)

I twiddle my thumbs, push on the tip of my nose, and count things when I am absentmindedly tuned out

I used to want to be a broadway singer

I am more afraid of moths than i am of spiders ( i got one stuck in my hair when i was little)

My hair color changes every time I go into a hair appointment, at least a little. I get bored otherwise.

I (and Dave) name everything... our car, our bikes, our old 1920's record player, my piggy bank, the ducks in my living room... I still believe, in a deep small part of my heart, that inanimate objects have feelings so i have to pat my piggy bank named lily every now and again so she knows i haven't forgotten her and the teddy on the couch needs a hug sometimes and my car named sofie needs a hello whenever i pass her. and if feel i have neglected something too long i feel sad and guilty and like i need to give it extra love.

i say pello instead of pillow, oways instead of always and melk instead of milk. As in... one should oways have a glass of melk before their head hits the pellow. :)

My full first name is Patrina. When i was little i asked my grandma where my name came from. She told me she and my mom (tina) and my great aunt (patricia) had made it up. I cried and begged my grandma to give me real name and that i didn't want a fake name.

oops, that's 7 :)

So, I apologize for all the repeats to anyone who has read my blog in the past, but I was tagged almost a month ago so i figured If I didn't compile the list now, It would never get done. :)

And, well, I'm not going to tag anyone specifically. But If you are bored, it's quite a fun little time consumer, so have at it!

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  1. Awwww....thanks for humoring little old me. ;)

    I'm quite skiddish around the mothly kind,too......but last week I braved my fears and let one (a very small, very soft, little brown moth) sit on my finger. I felt so brave!! ;) But I draw the line at those giant winged monsters of the night!! (They are lovely to look at though).



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