a farewell to (bare) arms...

and legs...

cause it's fall and colder....

oh, come on. :) I couldn't resist.
summer sky

The rain has finally come and there are finally no 90 degree days coming in the weather report. The summer is beautifully gone and i have never been so glad to see a season finish in a long while. Not that it was all bad but, really , not the best in memory. We did a ton and had a ton happen to us. Some good and lovely and precious, some hard and life changing, some still working itself out.

mouse bookends

cookie land cookie jar

some scary times with our little dear...


Sofie all better

favorite summer meals cooked...


homemade salsa

fresh tacos

some cleaning, purging, and re-arranging...

cupboard cleaning

lovely jars

a trip abroad...


two of my favorites





growing things...

our summer crop

best onion ever

flowers everywhere...

summer blooms

inside a peony

new modes of transport...

Tilly and Soren


The summer ended with some hard times. there has been loss of family, health questions still be sorted, sleep that always evades me, and distance from dear kindred friends... but for me the cool crisp weather brings some breathing space, some rest, some energy, some creative motivation, some comfort and some time to begin processing all that is happening in my small befuddled mind and body. or at least the hope and glimmer of all that.

Right now I am pretty much in the thick of it all. I feel as though I have just begun to unpack all that has attached and crammed it's way into me over the last few months. Right now i feel messy and there is no sense of organization or logic in all that i find laying around me.

So it's just me, in the middle of a very messy room, surrounded with all my belongings mixed in with clutter and garbage and precious bits and bobs, trying to sort it into piles of what stays, what goes, what is to be kept safe and cherished and special, what is kept close for it's usefulness in every day things. Piles of things am not ready to tackle or sure i should be rid of yet but will go through on a day that is not today...

I am overwhelmed with the vastness of the state of my little room. I think i should start by taking the things closest to me, the things I am familiar with and know the best and put them into piles. Once there are some piles and the easy to sort things are in their places, then i can move on to the more complex things, the new yet to have place things, the things that have lost their place. Just like Big Grandma always taught me.

I then i think i'll be able to rest and breathe and enjoy the space around me and use it again.

I know one thing about myself and my life right now and that is that it's more interesting and changing than it's been for some time. So please forgive me if I am sparse around here or things go from melancholy to happy to quiet to silly. it's just me and life and this current state...


  1. mmm. this was lovely. i miss knowing the inner workings of your everyday life SO much. i think of you and pray for you often my dear. cute new room by the way ;) i miss occupying it. loves!

  2. What a great look back at this year! Beautiful photos (especially the food!) and the last shots of your and your husband are so cute:) Very cool bikes, by the way. I think this time of the year begs for reflection...I was just looking at video of my son from earlier this year, thinking about how much he's changed..about how short life is. Am I being a downer now? Sorry!

    Have a wonderful week:)

  3. Your world looks so lovely, happy and exciting!! :) Thank You for sharing it! :)

    P.S. I tagged you....
    just here:

    Happy Monday!

  4. Ah! That was such a great post! Loved all the pictures too.
    Happy Autumn!

  5. I adored the picture tour... & I gave you the I love your blog award!


  6. that is such a beautiful shot! actually all your pics are gorgeous! mind if we trade links? (I dropped by here through Katie's blog) =)

  7. what a lovely post - thank you for sharing!



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