My Big Grandma

So I grew up in a fairly non traditional way. My mom was a young single mom right out of highschool and we lived with my grandma and great grandma in a big old house in a tiny town in the willamette valley.

I named my grandmas Big Grandma (my great grandma) and Little Grandma (my grandma). Big Grandma was older so she was big, and Little Grandma younger than her so Little.

I had a pink painted room that my mom made multi colored pastel gingham and eyelet lace curtains for and my Little grandma made a holly hobby blanket for my bed.

I played out side a lot. I was the oldest of my my cousins and had a great fondness for playing pioneers, school, little house on the prairie (I was always the mom or the teacher or the leader in some way),and also cowboys and indians, barbies, and with other various dolls in the huge yard surrounding the house. There was a fruit orchard, veggie garden, grape arbor, a big willow tree, and 2 big walnut trees. We had a little black and white dog named suzie.

We lived with the grandmas till i was 5 and after we moved I was there, almost without exception, every weekend and summer break form school. It seems it was a group effort in raising me and my Grandmas had a huge huge huge influence on my early critical years and the person i am today. Being that both my mom and Little Grandma had jobs I spent most of my time with big grandma.

She taught me tons about life and manners and sewing and cooking. She is the most calm, kind, spunky, sweet, and even tempered woman i have ever known. She was good at everything, cooking, gardening, sewing... She was fun and played with me. Was always so patient with me as a child. I always felt safe with her and never like I had to live up to something or be something specific or do anything to please her or have her love me. I could always just be a child with her. She is and was a beautiful woman and I hope in my growing and maturing and aging I can exude those lovely things in her i love and admire so much. I love you Big grandma and will miss you.


  1. I'm so sorry for your loss Trina.

    *Biggest Hugs* to you!

  2. Anonymous11:12 AM

    I'm sorry about your great grandmother. This was a nice tribute to her and a life well lived. How lucky you were to have had her guide you early on! If everyone had someone like that in their lives this would be a much kinder world, wouldn't it?

  3. Anonymous10:04 PM

    I'm sorry for your loss trina, but your post was so wonderful and full of love.



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