I'm it...

i got tagged by Dave who got tagged by Ashley who was tagged by Tree Fall...

What I was doing 10 years ago: 1998... I was living in Gresham, and both working at and going to school part time at Mt Hood Community College. Dave and I would meet the coming September and begin dating in December. :) Other than that life was pretty boring. School and work and well, Gresham...

What is on your to-do list today (in no particular order)?
  • Finish lunch
  • Model some socks/tights for work :)
  • Finish work
  • go home
  • go out to First Thursday
  • come home
  • maybe clean our room a little, water the gardens, and read some
  • hopefully sleep well tonight sans insomnia and thunder and lightening
Snacks I enjoy:
soy nuts, rice crackers with no seaweed :), wasabi peas, Trader Joe's brand Pirate Booty, sun chips, berry lemonade, cinnamon crumble scones, almonds

Things I would I do if I was a billionaire:
  • give time and money to orphanages in poor areas all over the world , give to charities for struggling countries that give people tools and skills and dignity, people in genuine need situations
  • pay off any of our debt, pay off my family's debt/mortgage, for my mom a trip to Hawaii and a beautiful old restored old car, buy my grandma a beautiful little place just the right size for her and her cat and take her to Powell's and get all the books she wants, and send my sister to a great college/university of her choosing and let her live with us in which ever country we're in if she wants. :)
  • Buy a beautiful, older, not too big flat in Portland, Paris, a French country village, Vilnius, Reykjavik... that's a good start for now :)
  • Travel!!!!
  • Start our Coffee Shop/Art center dream
  • decorate our homes from flea markets and rummage sales and thrift stores
  • fix Sofie up even more, buy a old Mini Cooper (steering column on the right) to be her friend, an old vespa for me, and for dave an old french motor bike like Nino in Amelie drives
  • have a really great wardrobe
  • create whatever i want, try my hand at everything! :)

Places I have lived:
Brownsville, Lebanon, Albany, Gresham, Portland (all in Oregon) and Vilnius Lithuania and in over 27 different flats/houses along the way.

Jobs I have had: toddler and preschool room assistant, office aide, bank teller, secretary, barista, missionary/english teacher, customer service rep

And I don't really know who to tag... I'm bad at that. I'll tag 3...



  1. Oh the pressure... I can barely remember 10 days ago nevermind 10 years! I'll have to give this one some serious thought :)

    Happy 4th!

  2. Oh My!!! I'm it now, huh!! ;) I shall have to work on this one for a while and post soon!! Hoooray!
    Oh, and My husband (and me) love the old minis....the 'real' mini coopers! :)

    Happy Monday!

  3. Oh my! What a long while it's been.....and here I am, only just now, Aug 18th, posting my tagged answers!!


    I'm sorry it took me so long, Trina!!

    I hope your having a lovely week!!



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