Tea Cups and summer berries

It was a lovely tea party we had, although a bit later than hoped for.

Sweet berries,

tasty jam, fluffy peonies,

clouds of whipped cream, pound cake sprinkled with snow,

and some baked eggs, creamy triple cream cheese, crispy chewy french bread, and paper thin prosciutto, (you can just fill up on sweets you know!) all topped off with some delicious earl grey with cream and sugar.

We (dave and theresa and i) were joined by some little felted friends

and a couple mice trying their best to sneak some cake.

And sorts of other friends stopped by for a cup and a bite.

she was a bit shy

little posie brought a little friend

goldie wore her best jacket

even Teagan stopped by to say hello

the sun was shining and all was quiet and calm.

Just perfect!

Thanks dear Vanessa for hosting!


  1. Miss Trina!! And Mr. Dave!! The lovely coupe of lovebirds!!! This is perfection!! Ans those yummieees!! I might have to have some!!!!! Thank you for joining in!! Hope you feel better my sweet girl!!! xoxo

  2. On second thought, I for sure have to have some of those tasty treats ;) ;) I can't leave without a nibble!!! tweet tweeeeet!!

  3. How lovely you party is! Thank you for the yummy summer berries! Join me and the mersisters...in the hot tub, won't you?

  4. Everything's so lovely Trina, as always! And yes, your baked eggs were delicious, and I can say that based on an actual taste test. ;) Thanks so much for the wonderful brunch.

  5. Trina,
    So nice to meet you! Very whimsical! Love your strawberry jam dish...I have one too!
    Looks like the kitties had fun along with us.

  6. Oh I'm so glad your party is still going on! Your berries were so delicious, and the company was lovely. Thanks for coming to our Very Merry Unbirthday Party."All mimsy were the borogroves... "
    and all that!


  7. what lovely treats and sweet friends - so nice to have met you at the party...id love some more tea please!

  8. wow! what a beautiful corner of the tea party you have here! Just lovely!~
    So nice to meet you@

  9. I'm simply atwitter and delighted by all your little dears ... those felted critters have seriously stolen my heart! It's a good thing that some partys never end. Such a pleasure to meet you and sure hope to see you again soon. ~M~

  10. Hooray! :) And your kitties are adorable!! :) Happy Tea times to You guys!! :) I'm still enjoying that lovely rose petal brew you sent!! Danka again for all your kindness!

  11. The tea party is just now finishing up and I'm making my super late rounds! What a beautiful table and no tea party is complete without the kitties:)

  12. Yum, yum, and YUM! That all looks amazing! ANd those sweet little felted friends are simply adorable!!!

  13. I am here for seconds!! Will you have me?? xoxo

  14. tee hee hee. of course miss twist! you are welcome any time of day or night, any day of the year, except the ones were not home, then you'll have to see if the cats let you in. :)



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