Oh dear

i don't even have the energy to explain our yesterday and since dave has done a good job i'm just going to direct you there. We're all fine so no worries there. :) i can't believe this actually happened. i just keep laughing today, it's so over the top surreal. well, i guess only the fantastic and extraordinary for us! :) At least Sofie will have lovely new interior...

Our adventurous yesterday

So i have talked to our fantastic mechanic and brother-in-law and his estimate is about 2500 and he has serious doubts that the insurance won't total it. :( So now we have some researching to do and some receipts to pull out so we can prove to the insurance she is worth enough to fix her up. Uggggggg! I hate this. :( We are pretty determined to try to get her fixed up again. Oh i'm already tired and i haven't even had to talk with the insurance guys much. bluh. :(


  1. Poor little Sofie! Tell her to get well soon!

  2. Anonymous3:04 PM

    I am so shocked to read about this. I posted on Dave's blog. I used to have a bug too and oh my gosh my heart is sad to see the fire damage!

  3. Oh my dear. Have to admit it doesn't look good. And yes, it can be a hassle dealing with the insurance company. I hope you can get it fixed.



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