Now we are 30

this is what the Eiffel tower looked like on the day i officially left behind my 20's. so far this has been the nicest birthday yet. To tell the truth i love getting older. I was not a fan of my teens and early 20's. I really didn't enjoy the almost inevitable drama that comes with a group of people who are just starting to figure out who they are, what they feel, how their body chemistry effects them, how they want to move around in the world. and that is just if people are actually engaging with themselves and the world around them, which i have found is sometimes more rare in people that one would hope. It's all well and good to go through that time of life figuring things out a bit and is all a part of life but it's exhausting.

My later 20's have been great. I love the person i have become, i love my life, i love the security i have found emotionally and how that calms and centers me. I love the little creases and lines and grey hairs. Well the grey hairs are not my favorite, i have so many, but i wouldn't mind a few. I have been going grey since i was 16.

thursday i found out my job is even more amazing than i thought, they give you your birthday off, even if you didn't request it. That meant i had an unexpected 4 day weekend.

it's some happy birthday jello for me

Friday i hung out with Dave's mom and sister antique shopping and having a wonderful lunch and playing with my little nephew. I got this fantastic cake carrier.

Then that evening my wonderful friend tori came up and she and dave and i went out to Chez Machin and then to see The Fall. Such a gorgeous movie.

Saturday morning Tori and I did a little online shopping for my birthday and i got these two beauties. :)

Have I mentioned my shoe obsession lately? :)

Later we did some laundry and cleaned up the house a bit. The cleaning will continue this week because on Saturday we will have my official birthday party. We're meeting friends out for dinner and afterwards we'll come back to our place, hopefully clean and spiffy, for desserts and coffee and tea and dessert wine and sparkling french lemonade. For dessert we're having french macaroons in Crème de Mure, Fleur de Sel Caramel, and Crème de Cassis (a cure for wretchedness!) flavors, chocolate coconut cream fondue, and a rustic plumb and port tart.

Sunday morning dave and I slept in but got ready in time for Dim Sum lunch.

the cart of yummies as it zipped past our table

dave with his threatening chopsticks

my favorite sesame balls with the sweet bean paste filling

this is the yummy middle

After lunch we came home and hung up the curtains we have had for, oh, about 4 months. :) the downstairs feels so much cozier now. The sun is threatening to appear so i'll get some pictures soon.

Monday was my unexpected day off and actual birthday. I got some little love note e-mails and sms's wishing me a happy birthday and my shoes arrived. :) Dave stayed home from work with horrid allergy ickiness, but even so it was nice to have him around. I made us a lovely breakfast of baked eggs, raspberries in cream, sliced prosciutto, and croissants. I used cream instead of milk and baked them a little longer than the recipe called for cause the middles weren't quite set yet.

He felt a little better in the afternoon so we went and bought a digital TV converter box. We got a $40 coupon in the mail so the box was almost free. Now we get 4 channels of OPB!!!!! Tuesday after work i watched the best cooking show ever, New Scandinavian Cooking. This guy is out in the middle of a field in Denmark making fresh baked hazelnut macaroons and rubarb bake, topped with cream and a roast he got from a local farm and some amazing asparagus sauce thingy with wild garlic that he picked in the forest. It is the best cooking show i have ever seen. :)

So tomorrow I will finish up the house cleaning and grocery shopping for my party. It's finally getting nice around these parts so i think i'll be riding my bike. :) I have lots more pictures to post of brownie baking and fritatta making, and gardening, but those will have to wait for another day.

Ata! (lithuanian for bye bye!)


  1. Happy 30th my friend! It sounds like you've had a simply lovely week. I'll see you at your party.

  2. ohh nice shoes, i love t-straps!

  3. The food, the shoes, the antiques...it all sounds so wonderful. Happy Birthday! Loving looking around your blog!

  4. oo la love the shoes!

  5. A belated happy birthday to you! I feel exactly the same way about getting older (not a fan of my teens and early 20's either).

    Oh and those shoes are GREAT!



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