my long and winding randoms

my brain seems to incapable of having a thread of thought more than a couple inches long today. so here is a bunch of random stuff...

if i am ever famous i want this guy to photograph me. his photos just oooooze melancholy and richness and depth and stories. definitely click on the images to see them bigger

today dave and i went to goodwill and i found this baking pan for $5. :) trying it out tonight and i'll let you know how it goes. i can't imagine it won't go well. a whole pan of brownies with edges??? it really can be nothing but wonderful i think.

i am currently drooling over shoes. maybe it comes from all the lovely socks and stockings i've acquired lately, maybe it's because i'm turning 30 and have developed a taste for grown up shoes, maybe it's work giving me a new interest in fashion, maybe it's a gene i inherited from my mom... who knows, but I am shoe crazy these days. one or two of these might have to make their way into my closet this year

Mia Boots
Landra Heels

Marie Heels

t strap in magic red

marta pump
t strap sling back

dave and i have come to the decision that sunday morning church services are not for us. :) so we might try taking one of the art theology classes or getting involved in a book group, craft group, lecture or other art group sometime this summer at imago dei. we'll see how things go. they seem really interesting and a good avenue for us in our spiritual lives right now.

and now i'm out of randomies for the night. off to make the brownies and then go to bed. good night!


  1. Oh, how I love those Marta Pumps! They may need to find their way into my closet as well.
    That's all beautiful photography also. We should try to take some pictures of you like that girl in the window, with our old brownie hawkeyes. You'll just have to grow your hair out really long first.
    Enjoy your day,

  2. I have to say my favorites are the Landra heels! So cute! I think spring makes me want new shoes. And I hear you about Sunday church services. We haven't been able to go for months...

  3. Anonymous10:17 AM

    OH and i have lists and lists more of lovely shoes too. :) I love website window shopping. :)The landra's have a ton of other colors too. :)

    I'll have to grow out my hair and turn it blond. :) I wish we wore the same size shoe, then we could buy a pair together and share them. :) Or one of us buy the black and one buy the brown. :)

  4. Such a diverse entry. I love stumbling upon well written blogs belonging to people with great freakin' taste! :)

  5. Those pictures are beautiful!! And shoe cravings are always nice! Thanks for your sweet comment at my little blogee! :)

  6. it was great to see you at Cheryl's wedding...really good...I do love reading your blog

  7. Signs me up with that photographer as well!!! Incredible I tell ya!! I am still in swooning mood, then add shoes to it.. and OY!!! I can't breathe ;) xoxo

  8. First of all--love the photo's. Secondly-LOVE your blog. So glad I found it!!



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