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Dave and I have been doing a bit of spring/summer clothes shopping. We hate hot weather so i think we try to deny it's existence by not having any clothes fit for such days. :) I got a few tanks and lighter sweaters that i'm pretty pleased with. Dave got some new jeans and we're on the lookout for some lovely 60's style black leather short boots for him as well. My favorite outfit recently has been this dark navy tank top with a vintage mustard yellow sweater. I have been wearing that sweater with everything lately.

here we are making salsa last weekend.

We did a bit of gardening. I can hardly wait for things to begin growing. I've got my fingers crossed for the herbs and strawberries especially. There is just something so special and thrilling about my own herb garden. I think I'm, going to get a little fence with a little gate and maybe a tiny garden gnome to watch over them. :)

Next i have a small box of flowers sitting on the porch ready to be planted into pots and the ground . I keep buying cut flowers at the flower market at New seasons when i have a few dollars cash on me. These little beauties i got last weekend. I just love how delicate and full they are. Like a soft multi layered petticoat.

I love the fragrant spring flowers best of all. I have been snitching lilacs and lily of the valley weekly from around the complex.

The lily of the valley are especially prolific around the grounds and there are a couple nice big lilac bushes that have probably been here almost as long as the apartments have.

We have been spring cleaning as well as planting. Going through cupboards and closets, lots of trips to goodwill and re-sale shops, finally cleaning out the basement and then promptly filling it up again with linda's furniture. Starting and finishing lots of little art projects. I have finished a lot of things in my mending box too. This is a huge accomplishment for me as my mending pile grew hugely over the winter. Mostly socks and well loved delicate Anthropologie sweaters with loose hems and small holes. :)

Speaking of socks, i have recently discovered that i have more than one big full drawer of socks. Working at sock dreams is dangerous. Granted many of them were free from getting to model them for the site or defective ones i have since mended or dream stockings i get to try out for product knowledge sake... but not all of them. :) And every week we seem to get something else I'm dying to get. :)

Dave and I have been spending some wonderful weekend time, just the two of us, out and about. I think we got all inspired by pulling out our ever growing list of places we love for some recent visitors and transplants to Portland. Last weekend we went to Paradox cafe for the first time and it was amazing. Next door is a little thrift store where we finally found the large bowl for our beautiful mixer and i found a wonderful bag of buttons.

Piccoli is my constant photo shoot helper the way Teagan is my supervisor in the kitchen.

She always has to make sure the lighting is just right and the subject to be shot is comfortable. :)

Oh OH! One more thing we've acquired recently. We were out shopping for our little nephew's 1st birthday and i came upon this book and it got to come home with me. :) Cause my dear boy loves me. :) Here some pictures of the inside. They aren't the best but i just couldn't wait any longer for a sunny day when i'm home to take better ones. The book is so wonderful Dave or I will probably take some better shots and devote a post to it.


  1. I think our sock drawers might be twins! ;) Mine has grown to overflowing this last year...and I keep finding new pretties to fill it with!

    Your garden looks lovely,too!

    And I covet your yellow sweater..is it vintage!? what a find! :)

  2. It is vintage!. For what ever reason this year has been great for finding pieces that actually fit me at vintage stores. :) I've found 2 sweaters, two dresses, 3 slips and 2 coats! :) The dresses are so wonderful too. One is a navy blue kind of lace shirt dress and the other is a red/grey/green plaid wool 50's dress. :)

  3. I just saw your garden over at Dave's blog and it looks fantastic! Beautiful pics you posted ~especially the typewriter and flowers. Thanks again for the Portland suggestions and next time I'm there I'll stop by Sock Dreams (you have no idea how much I need a sock makeover..haha). Go ahead and make some dolls! I have had several people tell me that I have inspired them to start making dolls (for the first time or started it up again) and I think that's great. When I moved up here to Bend a few years ago I saw Dame Darcy (on TLC) show how to make her dolls and that's how I got started:)
    Have a wonderful weekend~Christine

  4. Love the pictures! The sweater is wonderful and the girl in it : ) I love the yellow! Flowers are so cheery and your pics of them are beautiful! The garden is quite picturesque and lovely, looks a bit English to me!

  5. I agree! I hope the garden grows to make lovely little plants and veggies.

  6. My goodness- so many pretty things to comment on!

    I can't decide if I prefer gardening or taking pictures of my gardening efforts... so fun!

    I love the necklace/yellow sweater combo- I'm envious of your ability to get away with wearing yellow. =^.^=

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