i just don't get it...

how is it better to legislate a rule than to go to the root of the problem? How is it better to fight and call names than to listen and attempt to see it from other eyes and minds, even if you never agree? Why is it so threatening to have differing opinions? Why can we not try to look at the whole picture, or the future impact or the world around us? Why is it acceptable and ok to consider gain of money and status as important as it is to consider other human beings wellbeing and care? How is it that we can make our selves believe it's ok to kill a grown person in a war, or execute someone who killed someone else, or terminate a pregnancy at almost any stage along the way yet still say we believe the human life is precious. What the fuck is wrong with us all? Some days I wish for the end of all this cause it's just too maddening and confusing and sorrowful. We are all hypocrites. I sometimes hate being human, it hurts.

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