but then there is beauty too...

it seems with all my deep thinking and despairing days, i have equal parts high and low. I was thinking all those dark serious things on my car ride home from buying the cat's food. I was pondering politics and elections and such. I was watching a small group of people go down the street as i was at a stoplight. They struck me as such hurting people, (they were talking loudly and i caught bits of their tone and conversation), the kind where life has not been kind and they are succumb under the weight of it all, and let themselves become perpetual victims, always angry, always bitter, always scowling, always ready to let the anger vent out on whomever is nearest.
Then a couple blocks away i was driving down a quiet street, with things blooming, children playing, and an older lady dressed to the nines in her matching rain coat and rain bonnet, wheeling her groceries behind her. I was marveling at the peonies, and thinking about beautiful things like simple french cooking, fresh flowers, spring days with rain and blooms and clouds and blue sky and sun. I was dreaming of wonderful things to help me get out of the emotional pit i had found my self in a few minutes earlier and began to remember all the things that make us incredible, the things that make the earth so beautiful i want to burst.
Life is so bipolar some days. Or maybe it's just me.

peony image from Haus Maus

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  1. Life is that way. I notice it every day and it is hard sometimes not to get sucked into all that negative stuff. This weekend was like that for me...anger and sadness and then back to normal. It cant possibly be hormones. I just want to be calm and happy most of the time instead of bipolar like you mentioned. Is it the times we live in? I've noticed the change in the past few years with me..



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