Another Sunday Brunch and other bits and bobs

My dear husband has posted a wonderful run down of our latest Sunday brunch here. The long and short of it is it was wonderful and pretty and the house was clean so it was really enjoyable. :) During brunch we had all the windows open and the breeze came in and it smelled like flowers and fresh air, but later that day the weather became truly horrid (sorry heat lovers) for the second day in a row.

Come on now! Really? 90+ degrees in the middle of may? I fear for my life and those around me if this is any sort of sign for the coming summer. If it gets above 80 for too many days Dave and I get sad, and lethargic, and cranky, and just rather unpleasant. The world does not seem so nice or friendly or beautiful, but dry and unwelcoming. Good thing we finally got an air conditioner. That should help some, i hope.

Today it was about 65, some rain and wind with lovely sunny bits here and there with perfect white clouds and blue sky in between. I was picking up some dinner at our favorite and oh so close taco cart, Torres De Morelos, and found my self staring up at the beautiful white puffy clouds blowing across the blue sky and feeling so wonderfully happy and alive. I wish every sunny day was this lovely.

In other news, our little garden is growing and sprouting, again my lovely husband has been a much better blogger and you can see and read all about it over here, also over here from our gardening partner.

I also have a had a few great good will finds lately. My favorite being this set of 4 party plates and cups. :) They are cute and crack me up. Do you think that in the 40's or 50's they realized that those leaves look a little suspicious? :)

Lastly here is a random picture i took from last spring that makes me really happy. One bright not too hot day Dave, Theresa, and I all piled into Sofie along with big red and went on a little photo shoot armed with both a digital and brownie. Dave and I took turns with the cameras and made Theresa pose all over the park and play us songs.

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  1. We're going to have to do that again this summer, because I'm SO much better at playing now. This time I'll really let some songs out.



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