Disappearing Act

the last few weeks around here have been weird. Visitors from out of town, colds, frenzied cleaning, snow/sleet/rain/frost weirdness with the weather, having to sell back our one functioning lap top, and having the one on it's last leg (cd drive doesn't always work, back light on the screen is out so it's hooked up to a monitor and keyboard...) get even closer to death when the cord died. Or more correctly get so hot it stopped charging the laptop and the cord that was touching began to fuse together. Scary. I haven't spent a lot of time on my poor little blogs or etsy shop.

I'm very much looking forward to this weekend. Hoping to post some more items on etsy, get some cleaning done from our collective sick weeks, and make some cupcakes to take over to work. Sock Dreams opened it's store front up this week and we're hoping that the first sunny saturday in a while around here is going to draw a crowd, so i thought they might need some cupcakes, plus Dave wants to see the store.

I'm taking piccoli into the vet tomorrow afternoon but i'll have most of the morning to just be at home. I think i might paint. I have been wanting to paint a flowering branch for a couple weeks and with everything flowering i think i'll start. These are my dear Alina's pictures from Tokyo recently. They are too amazing.

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  1. hey, those are mine! that confused me to see them... at first, i was like, "Hey, those look like the pictures I took... who else was here in tokyo??!" yeah, im a dork. hehehe. :)



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