Because I love her...

and she is so far away in Germany, i will oblige Diane and be tagged. :)

1. Ten years ago I was…
19 years old.
It was my second year of college and I was just giving up my status as a vocal performance major and becoming a Humanities and Lit major. (Then I never finished any of them.) :)

2. Things on my to do list today:
Finish up at work and model some wonderful new socks before i leave
take movies back to the video store
grocery shopping
make dinner
be cozy on the couch and read
finish this blog

3. Things I would do if I was suddenly a billionaire:
Pay off debt for Dave and I and our loved ones.
Throw a huge fun dinner party.
Fix up Sofie all pretty.
Find a few great charities to give to, ones that don't get much attention or funding that do something really basic and real for the community they are based in.
Buy an old original mini cooper, fixed up, with the steering column still on the right. And an old Vespa too.
Buy a beautiful flat in Paris, and Vilnius, and Portland, and Reykjavik, and maybe also London.
Travel, travel, travel
Open up our coffee shop/community art and craft space
Spend some time reading and thinking in a hammock, over looking the ocean, somewhere about 72 degrees with a breeze

4. Bad habits:
starting too many projects and not finishing them
getting overwhelmed and panicking
being late

5. Places I have lived:
Brownsville, Oregon
Lebanon, OR
Albany, ORGresham, OR
Portland, OR
Vilnius, Lithuania

6. Jobs I have now or have had:
Toddler Age Teacher
Secretary/Office Assistant
English teacher and missionary
Customer Service

7. Things people don’t know about me (quirky things about me):
well, i don't know if these are things no one knows but...
I twiddle my thumbs, push on the tip of my nose, and count things when I am absentmindedly tuned out
I used to want to be a broadway singer
I am more afraid of moths than i am of spiders ( i got one stuck in my hair when i was little)

8. Things that make my life superfabulous right now:
I'm going to have to plagiarize my husband and say that I live in a beautiful city with an amazing man and we so enjoy life and being creative and our little family of friends and cats. Oh and we're going to Tokyo in July. :)

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  1. I think we may be twins in regards to our likes. I too long to fix up an original mini cooper and or a vespa! As I was reading your list, I kept nodding my head and saying to myself, "yep, me too." I am also an Oregon girl...I now live in the mid-west much to my dismay and looking at your pictures of fair Portland was a true delight. I used to live off of Belmont not too far from Zupan's and I used to walk the few blocks to Hawthorne. The Bagdad and Powell's Annex were a couple of favorite haunts. Sigh, I miss living there. Thanks for the sighseeing trip!

    Sarah :)



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