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Warning... this post contains... GIRL ISSUES! Read on at your own risk. Thank you.

This weekend was pretty fun. Well, minus the horrific gut wrenching cramps that would not go away no matter how many pain killers i took or how long i hugged a heating pad. So minus that, it was great. Friday i worked on the Doormouse etsy shop. Then Saturday Dave and I hung out at home most of the day. Really relaxing and wonderful. I love nothing better than hanging out with my sweet boy. :)

Saturday night we had a great time with his family for dinner and desert. Sunday is when the cramps really kicked in...woke me up during the night, kept me on the couch most of the day but did let up in the afternoon so we could walk around a bit in the sun. We visited a few places in the SE Art Walk and then borrowed a friends truck so we could go out to ikea and get our new bed! Yay!!! We have had a horrible mattress for years and it had been horrible on our backs so we've been so excited to buy one.

Theresa and I have been working on the Doormouse business a lot lately. We're finding it really fun and exciting and fulfilling. It's so small that we really aren't making any profit from it, which is fine with us. We really just love to craft and will do it anyway so if we can maybe make a dent in our craft supply budget then we'll be happy. It's terribly exciting to see people mark us a favorite. We even got notice today that someone has put one of our items in a treasury they made. :) And so far this week... WE"VE SOLD 4 THINGS!!!! It's so fun, we just get giddy every time something sells. I think we're all checking it every few hours or so during the day just seeing if anything has changed.

the treasury

So i just realized how BORING this post is so far. Just me yammering on and on about my weekend and not even any real pictures! :) No really, are you still even here? Hmmm, let me try again. I know! This! This is interesting. I'm sure of it. :)

Oh Swoon! Dr Who is dreamy... :)


  1. marjorie7:12 AM

    Congrats on your shop success!! :)

  2. Hah! He is dreamy, I admit. And that accent... Not to mention he's pretty much the coolest guy who ever existed. It's true.

    I'm so glad you're having time to work on doormouse stuff again, it's just great to see you being creative - you're so good at it :)

  3. Oh the shop looks marvelous!! And it is busy!! Yipppeeeee!!!

    As for cramps, I get them bad too!!! yucky nasty things that they are!!!! xoxo

  4. oooh, Look! a picture of Dr. Who. I like him! I must agree, very dreamy.



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