Weekend randoms

The other night i was laying in bed, unable to turn my brain off, and it dawned on me how tired i am. November and December I was working 2 jobs, 6 days a week, after not working outside my home for months. Then there was the holiday season which, though mostly fun, was exhausting. January was the month for dave and i to be sick. Seriously, I got got sick and as i got better dave got sick, then i got sick again, etc, etc, etc... But now my schedule at work (one job thank you very much) has changed so now i get all day friday off every week.

So nice to have a day to myself at home. Today is not as relaxing as i hoped for my first friday off as piccoli is sick and so i'm watching her closely till her 2pm appointment. So please say a little prayer for our little fuzzy girl. She's not eating and it's very worrisome. She still is cuddly and purry and quite interested in the birds and the squirrel, just not so interested in food. :(

But besides that, today is quite wonderful. I have been snuggling with the cats on the couch, reading magazines and blogs, watching martha refuse to say crap on TV. Really woman, just say it. CRAP! I bet you'll find it freeing.

The sun is shining so spring-like today and i remember how much i love the way our flat looks with the light streaming in. The weather is supposed to be this lovely through monday around here so dave and I are planning a vintage store and thrift store wandering day tomorrow. Here are some pictures of things we've thrifted in the past couple months

The brilliant cow sugar pot and creamer.

A little french snail. I love his button beret!

Set of cups and plates for the future coffee shop

And the best thrifting so far this year...

The total for everything in the photo was less than $7.50! The platters were $2 each, the pattern was $0.50, the strawberry sugar pot was $6 but it doesn't count in the total. We have one of those already but theresa had us on the hunt for one for her Grandma who's recently had broken. the little bits and bobbles on the stack of platters were $0.10 each! Even the beautiful little winter girl in pink!

I can not wait to make this dress. I'm thinking the grey style in the middle.

Tiny little cup and saucer

Beautiful ring and pendant

birthday candle holders just like my grandma used for me when i was little and a lovely lapel pin

Well, that's enough for now. I did find a few more things recently, like an amazing typewriter and a precious little book, but you can read about them over at Dave's blog. :)


  1. Thanks, again for picking up that strawberry for me. My grandma is going to be so excited!
    I hope da kitties get well soon. And best wishes for peace and relaxation in the coming month.

  2. so... things to add to my list of thrifting:
    -pirate mug
    -gnome mug
    -ADORABLE cow creamer and sugar bowl!!
    -strawberry sugar bowl.

    i need all of the above in my life! haha. thanks for sharing your great finds



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