Missing things

So i don't know if many of you know, not that many people read this blog :), that i used to live in Lithuania in eastern europe. it was only a year that i lived there but it changed my life. Really, I am not even remotely the same sheltered scared insecure person i was when we, Dave and I, moved there.

We have been back in the states for about 3 1/2 years now but it still feels like home back there, it stills feels like we don't quite belong here in the US. Some days it aches, others it's a happy reminiscing.

There was something about the weather the past few days here in the Portland area, the sunny bright but not too warm & then the cold foggy day we had today, that are making me sooooooo miss and long to be back there.

Spring was amazing there. Cold, and crisp, and fog, and brown sludgy mess everywhere from all the melting snow, but then little splashed of color where flowers are beginning. It's so startling after 3+ solid months of snow and white and grey.

Dave and i were chatting over google talk on my lunch break today and i mentioned that all i wanted to do this afternoon is stroll down Gedmino and stop for gelato and wander through old streets.

He proceeded to write a whole blog that pretty much captured my heart on the matter.

A tiny bit of our life in Lithuania

Please go read and look at the beautiful pictures of our other home and stroll down our paths and smell and taste and feel a bit of what we experienced.

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  1. It's so beautiful. Makes me reminisce of our visit there (and makes me want to see it in summer!). Thanks for sharing--I love hearing more about your life.



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