Lasagna night

Tonight i came home from work and started looking up lasagna recipes but nothing overall was sparking my interest so i made up my own. And i realized i have never really shared any recipes on here, though i cook all the time. So here is my made up mish mash lasagna recipe. Sorry things aren't really measured, it's just how i cook. Tonight i used a lot of Trader Joe's brand things, their spicy chicken italian sausage, grated cheeses, canned marinara, jarred alfredo, and boxed noodles. Next time i make it I'll do it on a weekend and make things from scratch. i think I'd like it even better a little less rich and more light and fresh tasting. Enjoy! Oh and make sure you have a good lasagna making supervisor before you start. It helps.

trina's lovely layered lasagna (hee hee hee) :D

1 box no boil lasagna noodles or equivalent fresh lasagna noodles
1-2 lbs mixture of ground chicken and spicy chicken italian sausage
about 3 cups alfredo sauce
about 3 cups marinara sauce
some baby spinach
some dry toasted pine nuts
28oz mix of mozzerella, and hard cheeses like parmesean/romano/asaigo
15 oz ricotta cheese
1 tsp garlic
2-3 sprigs fresh oregano
2 eggs

- pre-heat the oven to 375 F
- cook the ground chicken and sausage thoroughly
- add the marinara and heat through
- in a bowl mix the ricotta, garlic, oregano and eggs till completely combined

- in the pan (a big rectangular 11x by whatever pan) layer the following:
* a thin layer of alfredo
* layer of noodles
* layer of marinara/meat sauce
* layer of noodles
* layer of the ricotta mixture
* layer of spinach
* liberal sprinkling of pine nuts
* layer of noodles
* layer of alfredo
* top with lots and lots of grated cheese

- bake for 45 min to one hour, till edges are all caramelized and crispy and the cheese is lightly browned and bubbly

I only had enough room for one layer of each as my layers tend to be thick and my pan fairly shallow. If you have more room you can do more layers. Just make sure your last noodle layer is topped with alfredo sauce and cheese so the noodles cook well on the top. I also had enough ingredients to make 2 small persona size lasagna's for dave and i to take for lunch tomorrow.

My oven, as you may remember, is a bit wonkey so my cheese got more browned on the large pan than I had wanted but it still tasted soooo good.

Sitting on the couch, munching on yummy lasagna and watching the primary/super tuesday coverage on TV... all in all a very nice evening. Good night all!


  1. Anonymous5:50 PM

    Hey..that cat looks familiar! I saw your link on Marjorie's site and of course I had to check out a site that references anything from Amelie. Then I put two and two together...you're Dave's wife..or should I say he's Trina's husband:)
    That food looks great..I cant cook at all and it's one talent I wish I had..and it does take talent .I'm going to check out the rest of your site :)
    Bend, Oregon

  2. Anonymous12:07 PM

    Ohhhh myyyyyyy. that lasagna looks so delicious.
    Youre quite simply A-mazing. Your husband is a lucky man :)

  3. That's the truth! The luckiest. Ever.



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