Big Sigh

i just came home from the vet. We have been to the vet once a week since the end of January. First piccoli had worms, then we took teagan in a few days alter to get his shots and de-wormed and found out he has teeth that needed to be pulled. So back we went again. Teagan is great now but then piccoli started barely eating. She is a ferocious eater and pesky about getting fed at meal times. Then tuesday night she would hardly touch her food. Same thing Wednesday morning and evening. So i called the vet Wednesday morning and they said to keep watching her and see how she was doing as her behavior didn't sound dire but to make an appointment soon. So Thursday morning she actually ate most of her food so i made an appointment thrusday afternoon. But then Friday morning she wouldn't eat at all so i took her in this afternoon. the vet said she seems really healthy over all. Nothing outwardly overtly wrong so they took some blood and such and we'll find out more tomorrow. They think she either has some tummy bug, bacterial or virus, or she has a cracked or abscess tooth with is causing pain associated with eating so she doesn't eat. So once the blood work comes back we'll have to take her in yet again for teeth cleaning and possibly x-rays to see if it's a cracked tooth or something else. Oh, i hope it's nothing major and she'll be back to her self again soon. I just want life to calm down and settle back into somewhat of a normal pattern again.

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  1. ooohhhhh....is she ok? i read this and just wanted to hug them both..and YOU



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