Tea and Cello's and *&@%$ pancakes

Oops! I wrote this blog last weekend and forgot to post it. so here it is. :)

Today is the first rainy day we've had in a while around here. there might even be snow sunday and monday. this morning Dave and I decided that cozy food was needed and started making pancakes and bacon. Dave ran to the store to get buttermilk and found a recipe that didn't sound to hard. I have never been very good at making pancakes. I always seem to burn them and have never tried making them from scratch. But since we have our lovely new pans and pots i figured it was time for me to try. Crappy stove but fantastic pots and pans so it should work decently well right?

First one burned right away. mind you the burner was only on medium but I figured it was just too hot and so i tried again. the second try the burner was on low.... the pancake burned on the bottom and the rest didn't get solid enough for me to flip. :( the next try.... more of the same. And again, this time with the burner on warm. It did nothing. No bubbles no cooking just a slightly browned mush puddle. By this point i would have shamed a sailor or a biker with my mouth. In to the garbage go all the burnt and not quite cooked pancakes. I was so mad at them i didn't even take pictures.

Theresa stopped by to cut through our place to the parking lot to avoid the rain and told me to try her stove as she just made pancakes and they cooked up beautifully. So, in my pj's, a long green coat and pink apron, i tromped across the courtyard, muttering obscenities under my breath, up to theresa's place and finished off the pancakes. And every one cooked perfectly. Golden and puffy and soft and lovely. And it only took me 3 hours to make pancakes. but it was a yummy lunch. :) dave even finished cooking the bacon and doing a bunch of dishes while i was over finishing up the pancakes.

Now I realize that my stove top is not the best and have even complained to the managers of our apartments at least 4 times and at least 4 times a dumb repair man has come to our house, turned the burner, hovered his hand above and said to me, "see, it's not broken, it works just fine"... :(Grrrrrr. So after a while i just gave up on getting it fixed. then we decided that getting the good pots and pans would fix the problem so I haven't complained about it for several months. And largely the new pots have done miracles. But not today. today I realized that i must demand a new stove or be forced to leave the house on cold rainy weekend mornings, either to cook at theresa's or go out to eat, rather than snuggle down on the couch, watch cartoons, while munching on pancake-y goodness with a nice cup of press pot stumptown and cream. And that will not do.

In other news, this weekend dave and I celebrated theresa's birthday. We bought her the newest beirut album on vinyl and took her out to diner at our favorite restaurant, Chez Machin. It's a little creperie and bistro nearby. Normally they have an accordion player on weekends but he was off today. Which was sad as that was a major reason we wanted to take theresa as she plays accordion too. But the homemade berry jam and vanilla custard crepe made up for it, mostly.

Afterwards we all came back here and watched some Dr. Who. :)

OH! and we also got to retrieve Dave's cello from the repair shop and he played some for me today and promised to play some more for me tomorrow while i make breakfast. :) this time i'll be attempting and big puffy skillet pancake. We'll see if i can manage that in under 3 hours, with my blood pressure intact, and with no swearing. :)

Tomorrow we have plans for a dim sum lunch at house of louie with some new friends and a stop by goodwill. The weekend is definitely making up for dave and i being sick all of last week. Nice and fun and relaxing. And sesame balls make everything better.

Oh and I have a ton of cooking pictures from the past couple weeks that i have been meaning to write about and post and I'm going to try really hard to get those off my camera and on here soon. Something to look forward to eh? :)

Here's a little cuteness for you.

this is teagan. when i have tea he always has to have some too or he won't leave mine alone. So here he is in my "needs to be sewn" basket, under the nice warm task lamp drinking his very own cup of black currant tea with cream and sugar. I know, I'm ridiculous.

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  1. Thanks again for taking me out for such a lovely birthday dinner. That French onion soup was AMAZING! And you can come over and make pancakes anyday you like.



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