oh wow that was fast...

So i just realized it's been almost a month since i last wrote. It's amazing to me how quickly November went by. I have been getting used to working 6 days a week out in the world with people now when before i was not working at all outside of crafting and normal housework. That has been exhausting but fun. Dave and i have been cooking a lot lately. It's partly because of the weather and partly because of our new pots and pans. :) I love my discount at Sur La Table. Next on our shopping list there are some new knives. Oh I can't wait for these. Did i mention i get a really good discount? It's so happy.

One thing i am really not happy with at all is my lack of motivation in making things. My etsy shop is just sad and completely empty right now. It's making me feel quite, well, for lack of a better sentiment, lame. I'm lame. I have piles of half done projects and things waiting to have their pictures taken and i have absolutely no motivation to do it. I feel all overwhelmed and then just can't get myself to get going on it. It make me really mad at myself and feel, well, lame.

Today I am sitting at home, sick with some sort of oh so fun stomach bug, feeling just well enough to want to go clean up my studio and make something but not well enough to actually have the energy to do it. Arrrggg. Maybe i'll try and cut some material for a project i have been needing to do forever now. That would at least be something. I think for my own sanity and good, blogging a bit more this month is going to be necessary. So hopefully more creative things will be happening as well. Blogging is usually good for my creative projects. K, off to do something with myself! Happy Sunday to you all!


  1. Marjorie4:18 AM

    You are most certainly NOT lame! :) Don't feel bad about your shop....it will all work out in time, I'm quite sure! (I can't imagine doing all you do...working two jobs and trying to work on an Etsy shop as well....that's wonder woman material, if you ask me!!) :)

    Your a lovely person and look so sweet in your wee kitchen (and I'm loving your new pots and pans!) :)

    I'm sorry to hear your feeling under the weather...I hope you feel better soon! :)

  2. there's a $2500 knife block set on there!! who buys $2500 knife sets? i hope you're feeling better, chiquita.
    i would come help take pictures of your etsy projects if i could.

  3. Yeah, she pretty much is a wonder woman. I mean, she amazes me all the time. She also looks sweet pretty much anywhere she ends up :) And I have a feeling a few more things will be going in the Etsy shop soon, seeing as I have only one job, and plenty of motivation to take pictures of anything and everything :) Whee!

  4. Aw, you are not lame! But I SO know the feeling, bleh.

    Your pots are beautiful, I'm very jealous.

    Hope you get your mojo back real soon! I feel mine slooowly returning...

  5. OH NO!! Please do not feel lame ever!! You are wonderful and busy! Busy is good!! You have a life in the real world, you can' always do it all!!! xoxoxoxo



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