of Squirrels, and kitties, and cups of jello

Christmas was a whirlwind for me. December felt at the same time incredibly slow and insanely fast. Christmas is all over and somehow it almost doesn't seem like it happened at all. I really think that the holiday shouldn't be just one day but one week at least. One week of slowing down, spending time together, eating good food, drinking warm things, and generally enjoying life. Let's start a petition or something. Oh and we should add a snow requirement to that petition too, for sure.

snow at dave's parents house

Christmas season was a bit stressful for me, though i wasn't realizing it while it was going on. I had 2 jobs, working 6 days a week. Plus Dave and I trying in vain to get the house to stay clean and get all the gift shopping and gift making finished, decorating our home, and still spending some good time together.

Christmas eve we spent with Dave's family and it was so wonderful, restful, and fun, as always. Christmas morning we got up and had breakfast and some really good conversation about faith and God and bible and church and global christian missions with dave's parents and then headed down to Albany where my parents live.
little blake sitting in a box

About half way down there it began snowing, and really snowing. The picture near the top of this post is of our Christmas snow. We finally had to give up on getting down there as our little bug's heater is currently broken, and the snow was coming down thick enough that going 50+ mph made it impossible to see very well. That and we had no idea what the forecast was for the day, how long it would keep snowing or how much was expected and really didn't want to get stranded as we had no chains or snow tires. So we turned around and went home.

We spent the rest of christmas day sitting around in our pj's eating christmas eve left overs and watching the new Dr Who Christmas special. Oh how i luuuuve that show!
Kylie Minogue and lovely David Tennant

Then later that afternoon it happened.... all the running and making and wrapping and cooking and general go-go-going of the holiday stopped and I got sick. Sneezing, coughing, body and head aches, a bit of fever. Out came the tissue and the dayquil and nightquil. I thought it was just a bad cold, and so i drank tons of water and juice and took lots of vitamins, but by thursday afternoon it figured out it was a full fledged flu, terrible stomach ache and painful aches abundant. So i had to call in sick to my job today and here i am bored to death on the couch, eating little cups of red jello and saltine crackers, and fruit smoothies with some horrible tasting natural stomach cleanser fiber thingy in it. It seems to be helping some but oh it' so gross.

So in addition to forcing my self to drink icky concoctions, I have found out that Teagan likes saltines and also jello and Piccoli goes crazy when the squirrel climbs into the bird feeder and looks at her. Really really crazy twitchy and running around the house with wild crazy cat eyes. Very entertaining.

Well, i'm feeling the need to sleep some more so i'll leave you with some links of our december holiday fun.

Dave has been really really great about documenting our holiday season on his blog, so for more details about our holiday, look at these. Hope you had a good holiday and managed to not get sick when it was all over. :)

it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas
making Christmas decor
a bit of an early Christmas
Merry Christmas


  1. Anonymous12:28 PM

    Sounds like your holidays were jam packed with events and working and cleaning. Dont you sometimes wish you were a kid again and you could really enjoy them with 2 weeks of vacation!!!
    I got the terrible cold that you seem to have. It just arrived on Tuesday evening and has yet to leave.
    I have never used to many tissues in my life.. its a bad one :(

    Take Care!!

  2. OH you poooor dear heart!!!! I am glad you both went back home and then you got sick?? So, that was good you were in your own cozy bed!! I drink the nastiest stuff too!! I drink ground flaz that is thick and awful!! hahahaaaaa HUGS!!!!! xo



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