a gorgeous sense of hope

This weekend dave and i did a ton of crafting and cleaning and shopping. we hit both of my jobs with their fantastic 40% discounts for stocking stuffer and kitchen lovelies, some of the small local wonderful shops around se portland for the good stuff, went out to a dim sum lunch with dave's parents, ran out for a few craft supplies, and then came home to craft and watch christmas movies. It felt so good to craft again and made me even more impatient for the holiday season to be over so i can have a normal work week again. I have so many projects just calling out to me to work on them i can barely make my self go to bed at night. Here is some of what we made saturday.

The garland is made of red puff ball trim from joann's and baby socks i got in the dollar section at target.

A fun spice drop wreath i made and am pretty sure i'm not going to be able to take down when christmas is over.

The pretty swag dave and i made together. I love the little white puff balls we added.

saturday we found this little lovely out in the parking lot near the recycling bins. it's going to live in our spare room. we just have to find it a good mirror.

Then tonight after i got off work at sur la table dave and i ran a couple errands and then came home, ate leftovers while i nursed a major headache and calmed down from a day of retail sales in the pearl district. :) Boy am i not cut out for it long term. When we got home, impatient boy he is, dave insisted that we open our stockings. :) I got several fun little things.

A couple of my favorites are this little owl mug

and this little sweet book

and dave got some stripey socks, some cushy socks, and a little snail hook to house his headphones.

I love my boy so much!


  1. Anonymous2:51 PM

    Hi-I am new to your blog but just wanted to let you know I am reading :) and I think its grrreat!
    What cute decor you have in your house! And I have to say I adore the owl mug!!!

  2. I love your new creations! The garland is wonderful, the door looks festive, and the gumdrop wreath is outstanding! You and Dave kissing is warming to my heart and makes me happy!!

  3. Looks great and *love* that vanity.



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