post halloween clean up...

is a bitch! :) We had a halloween party and completely re decorated our home for it, so un-doing halloween is taking a long time. Our Kitchen is a war zone and the dishes are winning. Our living room and music room and art studio are almost back to normal but the guest room is still in shambles. That's where we threw and hid all the normal us stuff we moved and replaced with old creepies for the party. We haven't done laundry for 2 weeks. :) So that is another battle to be won this week. But even with the clean up aftermath it was so fun. We have never had a halloween party before and we're pretty sold on doing it again. So that makes 2 annual parties for the Feucht's, the soon to be annual Halloween Old movie and good food costume party and our New Year's deaf karaoke extravaganza!

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