a lovely weekend

Today is my only day off of work each week. How did i go from not working at all to working 6 days a week? Good thing it's only seasonal work or something would have to change.

Tomorrow i don't work till the afternoon so dave and i will sleep in and make breakfast in our pj's and only get dressed when we have to. :) And for breakfast we'll have eggs and soldiers so i can use my new gadget.
Today bring the weekly cleaning and lovely music all day and maybe some sewing. I have some throw pillows for our bed i'd like to work on and still need to finish the bathroom towels as well as a christmas garland in the works. I have to say, i'm actually kind of excited for christmas this year. I'm itching to decorate and smell the tree and holiday candles. I haven't actually looked forward to the season in a few years. I just bought a couple big lovely butternut squash so I think i'll cook today too, this or this, or concoct my own mix of the two recipes cause i like the goat cheese addition but not the wonton wrapper bit. I might even bake a little something.

Have a lovely, slow, restful weekend

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  1. marjorie2:13 PM

    Sounds like a lovely weekend you had, there! :) We've just been pondering Portland again....we are so very confused about where to make our nest. eeep! Happy Tuesday!



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