Wonderful weekend

I had the best weekend. I know it's tuesday but it took me a while to stop smiling and contentedly sighing long enough to write this. OK maybe i'm still sighing a bit now and then... especially when i see this smile.

Friday night was low-key and restful. Dave and i sat in our snuggly house and watched far too many episodes of Angel and went to bed very late.

Needless to say we slept in very late on Saturday and then got to cleaning the house, which was a disaster from the sick week dave and i had prior. We had some friends coming over that night for dinner so dave and i cleaned, picked some veggies from our garden, i did some grocery shopping and dave decided he wanted to try making chocolate zucchini cupcakes all by himself. We had made some a week or two ago and they were amazing. His turned out amazing too and were a hit at desert. I made chicken with crispy polenta wedges and red sauce. all very yummy.
Oh and earlier for lunch i made some couscous with sun dried tomatoes and almond slivers. It was also amazingly yummy.

After our friends left dave and i were still very much awake so we cleaned up a little and then watched some british comedies on PBS. We moved our craft/dining table into the living room and i worked on crafts and dave sat at his computer and worked on some poems and a couple blog entries while we watched Persuasion and then Stage Beauty. When that was done we realized it was 3:30am and should probably go to bed.

Sunday we got up late again and spend most of the day in our pajamas painting picture frames and filling them with art we have amassed over the past few months. I made a thai stirfry and we just worked on various creative things till bedtime.

All in all one of the best weekends in recent memory. Just relaxed and calm and rain and chocolate.

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