Tenenbaums, coming attractions, and a "pay it forward" craft swap

Tonight it is raining so hard that at one point we had to get up and check to see if the windows were open. It is just good for our souls the rain.

Right now dave and i and the two kitties are sitting on the couch watching the Royal Tenenbaums. I seriously love this movie so very much. I could watch it over and over. It just never gets old. And i really want the soundtrack. This one and the Life Aquatic soundtrack. Wes Anderson is really amazing. The characters and all their quirks and the colors and the music.... all so good. And Pagoda! hee hee hee! And i just found out about this and this and this! Oh how excited am i!!!!

I think we'll probably watch it again tonight as soon as it finishes too. Not that we're watching it all that carefully. It's one of those movies that we love and have seen so many times that some nights it just makes for good background sounds and general atmosphere while we do other things.

Like now, we are working on a list of things to accomplish and do and experience; a 101 things in 1001 days list spurred on by Mae Jane's list of 101. And there is something about the Tenenbaums that just inspires.

One thing i know i will be putting on my 101 list is to complete (or limit myself to as the case may be) one swap every month. I have been loving swapbot and just discovered swapdex. Along those lines, yesterday, one of the many blogs i read posted this and i am joining in. As i understand it a Pay-it-forward swap works like this: one person offers up a handmade something to be sent within the next year, to "the next x number of people who comment on the post as long as they then do the same on their blog for x number of people and so on and so forth... And i think it's a really great way to connect and pass around some real non mass produced love at the same time.

So that is what i am doing. For the next 3 people who comment on this post i will send something handmade, of my choosing, within the next year and all you have to do is pay-it-forward on your blog like i did. Just make a comment and make sure you put in your blog address or someway for me to contact you and i will get ahold of you for your mailing address. More likely than not it will be much sooner than one year, but it's good to have some leeway just in case. :) Oh and no one is excluded, not even family, as long as you pledge to do a pay-it-forward on your blog too.

Oh, and we ended up watching I Huckabees instead of Tenenbaums a second time. If you haven't seen either of these movies you so need to remedy that.


  1. Diane Feucht7:35 AM

    That's an awesome idea! I'm totally in for that!

  2. Marjorie11:21 AM

    I adore that film.......and Pagoda! My husband and I always call him that when we see him in the other movies, too.....'there's pagoda'!! : )

    We've been anxiously awaiting the Darjeeling Limited for ages now.....only to realize that we (in fact) live in the middle of nowhere (well...at least for new releases) and must wait longer to see it! Ahhhh!

  3. Hi there! Just wanted to say I really appreciated your comment on my blog--I feel exactly the same way! It's slow, but good.

    I love your idea for the "pay it forward" swap, too!

  4. I've watched that movie over and over again and love it!



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