a quiet moment

right now it's very late and i am just about ready to go to bed. I have been cleaning and decorating and making things for the halloween party we're having. Dave was home today with a fever and general icky-ness today but he was able to help with some things in between sick naps which was nice. I always do better at getting things done if there is someone else in the house.

At about 9 or so theresa came over and we decorated a bit and she helped get me out of my stress frenzy over whether or not we'll get everything done by tomorrow and she made the beak for my raven costume for me while i tried in vain to get a scorch mark out of the leg of Dave's newly acquired vintage suit. :( Apparently it doesn't like to be ironed even on a low setting. So after the party we will be on the lookout for new suit pants.

I am going as a raven and originally Dave was going to be Edgar Allen Poe but when that just wasn't going to pull together we decided on the current Dr. Who. If i hadn't put so much effort into my raven costume i'd go get a blond wig and go as Rose. But oh well. Maybe we'll reprise the Dr. Who costume next year and i'll be Rose.
Dave's been wanting to get a vintage suit any way and figured all we need to complete Dr. Who is some off-white converse, some psychic paper, and a sonic screwdriver. I still have to make the screwdriver tomorrow but everything else is done.

Now it's after 12 and Tom Petty's song wildflowers just came on my ipod and the kitties are both snuggled up on the couch in between piles of picture frames awaiting to be hung up tomorrow. Dave's been in bed since about 9:30. I'm drinking some now cold coffee and making a list of things i have to do tomorrow and it's quiet and still and lovely. And this is the eiffel tower at the moment.

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  1. Hey, I didn't go to bed until about 10.45 :) I love you, and can't wait to see you tonight. Thanks for being such a wonderful wife.



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