happy thrifting = happy enviroment

So this weekend Theresa and Dave and I all got up far too early for a Saturday, 6am or so, to leave for the Oregon City School sale by 7am. Some of Theresa's family works for the Oregon city school district and it's been a family tradition for her to go to this sale every year. they clean out all the old old stuff, the surplus stuff, the out of date stuff and sell it cheap. And by cheap I mean, the more you are buying the cheaper they give it to you for, you want one giant chalk board it's $2 total or buy two and it's $1 total, please take this so we don't have to haul it away, cheap.
Dave and I came away with a giant hanging wall map with pull down maps of the continental US, Alaska, and the World, 3 old kids books with amazing pictures, a file card holder box, some old brass fasteners for paper dolls, an old poloroid camera, an old lovely 40's green overhead projector, and a wonderful little record player all for... are you ready for this??? No really, you ready? Everything for $5 TOTAL!!!!
We we're astonished! Theresa always said it was like this but i kind of just thought she was exaggerating. Nope, she wasn't. Her dad got an old old Dictaphone too. I guess it had been a basement for at least 50 years. They had a huge pile of stuff when we left and i guess they got more after that and they only spent $20, including the Dictaphone.
Then yesterday the fantastic three of us went out again looking for great creepy things for our Halloween party coming up at the Goodwill. I got an amazing heavy plaster gold frame for $10 which will soon house Greta, some glass ware, a tiny porcelain baby doll, some records for the new record player, a coffee carafe, and a weird creepy thing that we're going to use for holding wine glasses at the party.

All in all a great thrifting weekend. We tend to do most shopping at thrift stores and things found along the street these days. :) Really outside of a few organizational and storage things we pick up at Ikea, and our clothes, we really love to be able to buys used and re-purposed things, even with clothes we like to shop vintage and resale if we can and i'm getting into sewing and re-purposing my clothes. We have even found some of our most favorite house things on the sidewalk with a little cardboard "free" sign sitting in front of it. It make so much more sense to us to use things already produced and in the world rather than helping add to the masses of junk being produced and wasted. Even our car, 1974 VW Bug. I can not even fathom us ever buying a new car, so not fitting for either of our personalities.

Our poor little planet is so overloaded with stuff and junk. Our kitchen appliances break and we just throw them away, our computer is out of date and we chuck it in the landfill, we are dazzled by the flashy man made packaging and preservatives in that tasty junk food and the convenience of water in a plastic bottle... and then there is the pollution produced in the making of it all...It all really makes my head spin.

So we try and eat local grown food for the organic growing practices and the minimal pollution produced in getting it to us, we try and make the things we have last and repair them when at all possible, if we want to buy something we try to find it used. We look for things that, if we must throw it in the regular trash, will biodegrade. (Heh, such the little hippy portlanders we are sometimes) But it all helps our budget and our little slice of earth, at least we hope so. So go on with you, be thrifty and reuse to your hearts content.


  1. Wow! Can't believe all the treasure you scooped up.

  2. Oh my gosh over and over and over!!! All those treasures for 5??????? I spy little Greta... Did you know her big sister is hanging on my walls? Yep that was me, the little devil who snapped up the original!!!! But, she is lovely in a print too.

    Oh my, I wish I was at the sale with you!! I agree, if people could only find it in them to go to tag, yard, estate, community sales, they would find thing they really need.

    I went to a party and there was an auction. A regualr house party, but everyon brought something they didn't want. Well, this guy brought a 200. blender. And I won it for 7 dollars in nickels (you could only use nickels). Can you imagine that????

    Treasures here and there and everywhere.... You are a great treasure hunter!!!! And that overhead projector.. I could just die... I want it!!! hee heee xo



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