Hey look! I'm famous!

well maybe not famous but hey, i'll take what i can get. :) Love this store and really just want them to hire me to find them great vintage things for their shop. They have a nice uncluttered yet eclectic feel to their items and site. I was glad to be of some help. :)

the oil can turned planter mister

Things around here have been pretty quiet. I have been painting a bit and crafting a tiny bit but mostly fall cleaning. Kind of like spring cleaning but with a sweater and some tea. Well, really i think i am always doing some sort of purge type cleaning. I go to goodwill and get something so something else must go. I decide to rearrange a room yet again so things must be purged.

Also i have been cooking tons! beef stew with a healthy does of red wine in the broth, homemade mac and cheese, chicken curry, buffalo chicken chili, 1000 layer lasagna, sausage breakfast hash, lots of chocolate zucchini cupcakes, cabbage soup with ground turkey... Have i mentioned i love fall? It just makes me so motivated to do and go and be.

This week i have been job hunting. Something part time, just for a little extra cash for the holidays and to save up for our future trip to Tokyo to visit our dear friend. I'm thinking that I'll try to get a part time job or two over the holiday's and then maybe bump one up to full time after the holidays if they'll have me until i have secured the funds for the trip. I got to have airfare for 2 and a healthy budget for fabric, craft books, junk shopping, outdoor markets, and a couple fantastic traditional instruments for dave. :)

I had a group interview at anthropology today. So we'll see. though, subconsciously, that job might be more for the discount than for the paycheck. :)

The sun is out and lovely today so i think i will open all the shades and get to creating. Maybe i'll even have something to show for it this week.

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  1. Marjorie6:17 AM

    I've always thought that working at Anthropologie would be the least atrocious of retail jobs.....(I've never enjoyed retail.....ick) :) But being surrounded by all the pretty anthropologie-ness would make it much better, indeed! Plus....do you get a discount!? ; ) Good luck with your job hunt! :)

    I am a constant purger, too! :)

    WOW! Tokyo!! How neat!!



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