1,825 days... give or take a few for leap years

This weekend was mine and my love's 5 year anniversary. September 1st, 2002 we were married. I have never loved someone so completely or deeply or been so surprised at the amount at which i could love. I know that this love we experience will only become more deep and wide and joyful as time goes on.

This weekend we did all sorts of lovely things. Friday when dave got off work we went out for a nice dinner at L`astra, one of our top 5 favorite restaurants in portland. Their menu changes , i think, every day and they have great wines. It's french bistro food and so well done and unpretentious. Reasonable prices. I think it's the only french style restaurant, that is not a crêperie, that isn't outrageously priced. I had the grilled flank steak with bone marrow yorkshire pudding, chanterelles and bordelaise sauce. Dave had the quail stuffed with rainbow chard and chorizo over a pan fried leek risotto cake. Heaven!

Then we headed over to pix patisserie, the one on N Williams. I had my wonderful macaroons that i'm actually kind of obsessed with and a cup of coffee. Dave had crème brulée and hot chocolate.
Saturday we slept in a bit, cleaned the house a bit and then to ikea to get some curtains, then to see La Vie en Rose at the Laurelhurst theatre where we had some wonderful pizza and beer.

Sunday we slept in again, did a bit more cleaning and then went to a local farmers market. We bought golden and red beets, some green beans, an amazing red pepper, a fresh baguette, and a large fennel. We went to the detour cafe for lunch. I had a frittata with sausage, spinach, roasted onions, romano cheese, and roasted red peppers which came with cardamom toast and roasted potatoes. Dave had an amazing sandwich with chicken red pepper mayo and i don't remember what else but it looked really really good.

Then we packed up our laundry, and all the veggies we bought at the farmers market, along with some zucchini from our garden, some cippolini onions we bought a few days ago, some fresh pasta from the freezer, our pasta machine, some pears we were given, some chicken breasts from New Seasons and packed it all up in sofie and headed out to dave's parents house.

Dave's parents are in Europe for 2 weeks so his sister, her husband, their baby boy, and us all hung out there yesterday, made an amazing meal and talked in the eveningness on their back patio under the tall trees.

Then to top it all off Dave and i acquired a FREE washing machine! and it's fairly new and in good condition. We hauled it home last night in Dave's parents truck to today we are off to take the truck back, pick up lovely sofie, maybe give her a bath, and then back home to bake, with theresa, large amounts of various zucchini breads with the prolific zucchini we have from our garden and clean the house up from our 2 months of house guests.

Yummy food, wonderful company, fun cooking, portlandy days and a clean house to come home to. All in all, a very good anniversary.

I love you my dear sweet boy. I love loving you, i love hurting with you, i love breathing with you, i love laughing with you, i love ranting with you, i love growing with you, i love walking with you, i love coasting down the hill in sofie with you, i love dreaming of the day we will escape away to our dream flat in europe with the exposed brick and beautiful balcony and lofty celings and lovely old parkay floors where we will sit together and dream and be still and at peace and in love some more.


  1. my heart rests in peaceful silence when I think of you... except the times when it bursts overwhelming with such joy I think I might burn away...

    "...my love for you is so overpowering I'm afraid that I will disappear..."

    thank you for being my life partner, you mean so much to me.

  2. seriously you guys are such a beautiful picture of what marriage should be. it is a wonderful beautiful thing to be so privlidged to watch it unfold. seriously, as bad as i am at kepping in touch and what not, you are some of my favorite people in portland

  3. Happy Anniversary! Sorry I didn't say anything on Sunday! You two are so perfect for each other and I am so very glad that you are part of our family. Thanks for being so great to my brother and for being such a wonderful big sister! I love you!

  4. Happy Anniversary!

  5. Guess who's tagged!?
    ...........YOU! : )


  6. i love that the things that bring you the most joy, that you do to honor your fifth anniversary, are things you get to do all the time. you just jammed all your happy things into a weekend the way you may have jammed all your happy things into any other weekend. and it sounds perfect.
    i also love that i was part of the two months of houseguests.
    congratulations you guys.



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